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A busy weekend for fests, construction

News and notes for a busy weekend of commuting:

Construction update:

  • Work scheduled this weekend on the Brown Line will result in a 12-hour closure of both the Kimball and Francisco stations from 3 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, June 25, says the CTA.
  • CTA is currently working to upgrade crossover tracks and signals throughout the Clark Junction corridor, the busy location where Brown, Red and Purple Line trains converge just north of Belmont on the City’s North Side. The upgrade to the 100-year-old junction will bring new signals and additional connections between tracks to allow trains to cross over to adjacent tracks.

  • The Gay Pride Parade will mess things up this weekend, so try to avoid the Broadway and Halsted buses.

  • The first-ever Clark Street Festival will detour buses on Clark Sunday between Pratt and Touhy.

The Pink Link debuts Sunday. And some people are unhappy about it even before its trial launch.

And Hyde Park gets slimmed-down buses that can traverse the tight streets in that neighborhood.


I noticed this in the Pink Line literature and now I see it on some of the trains that have the new Pink Line maps - the dashed lines on the system maps used to mean subway. Now the dashed lines are now Rush Hour trips.

All of the former subway dashed lines are now solid. Purple lines to Howard and the blue 54/Cermak are now all dashed. No big thing, but it is interesting to note.

So now when this "spoiled suburbanite" has to find an alternate because Metra's shut down again *coff*soap*coff*powder*coff*, I have to go all the way back to Quincy and Wells so I can get out to 54th???? No more Clinton?

(Yes I do know that there will still be blue service to Clinton during rush, but only approximately every 30 minutes if I've been reading the literature correctly. By the time I get to Union Station and discover the need to get another way out, and with my luck, I'll have gotten on a Blue too late to catch the Pace bus I'd need at 54th.)

Probably faster to go to Clinton and catch Pink there. It's a block further, but 2 stops farther along the line.

Pink. Hmmm.... I no likey.

JennL, I have no idea where you coming from or where you're going, but I do have another alternative for you.

Go to the top of your building, rent a helicopter and zipline down to your destination. It may not be cost effective, but it'll be the fastest route.

Good luck!

I'm moving to Chicago this upcoming weekend, and I managed to hear about the whole Pink Line thing even before my arrival. I was in town two weeks ago looking at apartments, and I saw signs everywhere explaining the change as I took transit. I even heard audio messages. Perhaps I'm just naive as a soon-to-be resident, but I don't understand how people (even those who might not have internet access) didn't notice this development. Maybe they never read or listen to anything??

At any rate, I'm obviously providing an outsider's perspective (which can be good and bad), but When I look at the maps and read about what CTA is doing, it seems to make sense to me. Any time you change a system, there are going to be some people who benefit and some people who are negatively affected. The only complaints I seem to be reading about this are from a bunch of people who now need to make a change to their commute. Aren't there a lot of people whose commutes will be easier as a result of the change, too?

Some of the complainers appear to live way out in West Ass (my name for the burbs), which is their own issue/choice that they have to take Metra on top of CTA trains and buses. For the people who do live in the city, what's the big deal about needing to make a transfer between Pink and Blue so that you can get to and from O'Hare? Does it really add that much time? If I understand correctly, that's one of the issues people are fretting about, right? And then something about people on the UIC campus trying to get from one end to the other? Isn't there a bus solution to that drama?

I don't want to minimize anyone's concerns, but the complaints people are raising seem pretty minor compared to the fact that the CTA is trying something new in their efforts to better the system and work toward a circle line down the road. That's the eventual plan, right? (I realize it's only in its infancy.)

Again, I don't mind if you guys put me in my place as a mewbie and tell me why I'm wrong....but I wanted to provide an outside perspective.


Welcome to Chicago. Hopefully you're first commute isn't on a train that decouples, derails, or waits for 20 minutes waiting for signals ahead. I'm pretty sure everybody understands your point, but who wants to promote the good? It's easier to complain. Have fun taking the Pink line or whatever line you'll be traveling on, but mark my words...you'll be complaining about the CTA right along with us in no time! :)

Among the changes this weekend (perhaps they happened earlier, though) are some changes in the automated announcements. On trains, the voice is actually telling passengers eating is prohibited. Hope that influences a few in mid-feast, at least those who didn't know and would rather not break a rule once they know about it. Chicago on the Brown(SM) Line is now "Chicago and Franklin," which makes me wonder if they're renaming, at least on the automated announcements, the stations that share a name now, like the five Westerns. I don't think they've fixed "North and Clyburn," though. And both soliciting and gambling are prohibited now.

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