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Harrison crazies: Protect your wives!

Craziness ruled at the Harrison Red Line kiosk level last week.

One of the residents crazies familiar to the Jones College Prep students at the Harrison stop was in his prime.

He roamed the kiosk level both mumbling and screaming. The station attendant finally had had enough: "Hey man, you get out of here before I call the police."

Mr. Crazy had his response ready: Hey Man, you know that's bullshit. You and I both know you're down here f***king everybody's wives while they're not looking. So f**k you! You can call the police all you want, because I'm leaving."

Goodbye! And say adieu to those wives!


Evidently, all those people looking for a little action in singles bars and on the internet are in the wrong place. They should all head on down to the Harrison stop.

I'll pay closer attention to my wife!

this makes me want to go to the harrison stop.

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