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Let's stop the CTA Wanker

Regular Tattler reader Kimberli is one of several women in the past week or so who have reported an upsurge in the number of creepy wankers who get off on choking the chicken for the benefit of female riders.

But Kimberli wants to share her description of the guy she's seen a few times in an effort to have him arrested. Here's her story, and be on the lookout for the guy she describes. Don't be afraid to call the motorman and 911:

Kimberli writes:

About a month ago, I got on the Red Line at Morse like every morning and sat in one of the single seats that face forward at the ends of the cars.  At Loyola, a young man 25-35 got on and sat across from me in the opposite seat.  A few stops later, I noticed that he was acting strangely and suddenly I realized that I could see that he was stroking himself through his pants.  I was so shocked that I didn't say anything and just turned away.  He exited the train at Belmont, I believe, and I thought it was just sort of one of those "Oh, living in the city is so crazy" stories I could tell to my friends back in Michigan.

However, about a week later, my roommate came home from work and told me that she thought the same guy who had stroked it in front of me had completely exposed himself to her while sitting in the same seats.  She was also so shocked that she didn't know what to do until she got home and told me about it.

And just this morning, as I sat in those same forward facing seats, this young man got on the train again at Loyola, and, by Berwyn, had completely taken himself out of his pants and was masturbating.  I knew that I should have done something, but was paralyzed.  I don't know why I didn't do something, but I guess I was both embarrassed and scared to get up and go press the button on the other end of the car.  I did get the attention of the people who were sitting near me and told them what was going on, but when I did so, the guy zipped it up and got off the train at Addison, which is where our train was standing.

I have no doubt that this man will expose himself to other women in the future.  I want to encourage all women who choose to sit in the single, forward-facing seats to be on the lookout for this man.  And for the women and men who sit near these seats, please take care to look out for the women who ride the train.  If we all take care of each other, we can catch this guy and stop him before his exposure fails to excite him anymore and he has to go to further extremes.

Details of the man:

  • 25-35 years old.
  • White.
  • Clean cut, good looking.
  • Wears a baseball cap.
  • Gets on the Red Line at Loyola and sits in the second car from the front in single, forward-facing seats.
  • Carries a large black backpack, which he uses to shield his exposure to the rest of the passengers.

UPDATE: More on the description from Kate:

  • Dark blonde hair, blue eyes, fair to medium complexion, about 5'8" to 6' tall, average build.

Please help me and my roommate catch this guy and stop him from doing this to other women.


Does Loyola publish a yearbook? It's a little bit of an outside shot, but this guy could be a grad student or a graduate who still lives nearby.

This is when cell phone cameras or digital cameras come in handy. Snap a picture of the guy, post it on flickr or a blog and watch the news spread. A girl in NYC did this with a subway wanker. His pic ended up on the cover of the NY Post and they caught the guy.


Where are these supposed undercover cops when you need them??? Where are the CTA dogs when you need them? Can we train them to sniff out wankers?

Yikes. This matches the description and route of a guy who was verbally (sexually) harrassing a woman yesterday on the Belmont platform. When I yelled at him to shut up (I don't usually do things like that, but he was really crude) he turned on me and let loose a tirade including every explative in the book. Then, he followed me onto the red line train and continued the verbal harrassment all the way to Loyola stop, where he got off....the train, I mean! :)

He didn't pull anything physical, but his initial comments to the other women, and then his ongoing insults to me, were so sexual in nature that I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same guy.

Also, I did find it ironic that I jumped in to defend a harrassed woman after a minute or two of abuse, yet a whole car full of other riders just sat there, listening to this guy verbally harrass me for 20 minutes!

Can't you just look away if it bothers you? So-called "indecent exposure" should not be a crime. What is so horrific about a penis? This is another result of a puritanical/prude culture. The same goes for topless women and breastfeeding.

With all the serious crime going on, the police have better things to do. And when the guy was rubbing himself through his pants, why did that bother you?

Everytime this subject comes up you can count on some contrarian to jump in and defend a pervert by blathering on about the beauty of the human body. The Red Line is a place where no one should be forced to consider the naked human form, whether it is a peaceful nudist blowing kisses or a wacko perv building up his kink toward his first foray into sexual assault. Any one who likens breat feeding to public masturbation is, well, a complete tool.

This is why the cta needs a number to text message these problems.

Can we get a better description? Saying '25-35 & white' just don't cut it...how about his size? tall? fat? color hair? long or short hair?
And I agree w/the 1:26pm post to 12:52pm post, would that guy appreciate that human body if his/her kids witnessed it??

I'm surprised by the comment of "coincedence or not." I think that usually these type of creeps are nonviolent and will get freaked out if you confront them.

I think you might be surprised at what happens if you confront a guy. Even if he turns on you (verbally, physically), I think that people will help you. El riders are trained to ignore things, but only to a point. When things get out of hand, people will back you up.

This is awful! No one should have to witness this while riding public transportation.

Kimberli, I ride the Red Line to and from Loyola everyday. You have my word that if I'm on the train and you (or anyone else) call out this perv, I will be there to back you up. He needs to be confronted and stopped before he builds up the courage to move on to touching or more.

Hey, Me, do you have any idea how insulting that is? "Just look away?" How can I look away from a penis that's less than four feet away from me? Why should I have to endure a man masturbating in front of me during my morning commute? And who knows if this guy's behavior will escalate into something more violent or physical?

Moving on...

Thanks to everyone else for your good thoughts and support. I sent my story to all my friends in Chicago and found out that this same guy did exactly the same thing to my cousin, but this was a few months ago. So we're pretty much guaranteed that he will do it again. Keep your eyes open and watch out for your fellow passengers.

Secondly, I called our local Rogers Park CPD and the nice officer on the phone said that if it happens again, and I have no doubt that it will, someone should call 911, let them know the train number he or she is on, and what stop they're leaving and coming up to. The only problem is how to do this discretely without tipping the guy off. I'm sure we'll think of something, right?

Thanks again for all your support, everybody!!

this is advice that i've heard, that people have used, that works. next time you see a wank, look the guy straight in the face and say sternly and loudly:

"Sir, put your penis back in your pants."

direct confrontation is hard to do, and it will work because it is not expected. *especially* you should do this if it seems he is exposing himself to only you.

easy to say, of course, but sexual harassment needs to be called out, especially in public. this guy's power is in that nobody is saying anything.

p.s. on calling 911 discretely, no one will show up on the el while this guy is in action. i would "out" the guy first, then take out your phone and dial. even if he leaves the car, you have it reported.

I think the perv defenders on here are either pervs themselves or don't realize that a lot of rapists begin their downward spiral with public exposure. Certainly something should be done. Now that I think about it I think I witnessed this guy doing this several months ago. I used to always ride in the second car from the front and always got on at Morse too. I had the same experience only I was in the forward facing seats right in front of his 'usual' seat. I kept feeling something bump against the back of the seat so I turned around and he was completely exposed. When he realized I saw him he got up and exited at Addison.

One time at Berwyn I was standing on the platform next to the little glassed in enclosure and a man pulled his pants down and smashed his 'junk' up against the glass...that was really nasty. I've seen far too many penises on public transit!

Barbara has a good point. I'm not so great at physical description, although I woul definitely recognize this guy if I saw him again. I will try to get my roommate to get on here as she's better at that than I.

Tom, there were at least 15-20 other people in that car listening to this guy verbally harrass me (there's no doubt they heard, he wasn't quiet about it) in very nasty/sexual ways for at least 20 minutes...and no one said a peep. Not that it would've helped, probably; the guy was going to start in on whomever he could. And I didn't try to extricate myself; since he had already followed me once, I just sat there and tried to ignore him.

So maybe they realized that he wasn't going to shut up even if they intervened. Or maybe they thought I had it coming because I didn't switch cars or get off. But for whatever reason, many people sat and ignored this happening for a long time. And even if it wasn't going to succeed, it would've been nice if someone had at least tried to intervene.

Also, it retrospect I agree that this guy's confrontational behavior is inconsistent with a public masturbator's. I just throught it was eerie that the route and general description matched. But even if they're two different guys, BOTH deserve to be caught!

Can any of you hysterical women provide evidence that people who flash or masturbate in public progress to sexual assault? And if so, they can be prosecuted at that point. This isn't Minority Report, where people are prosecuted for future crimes. If a woman exposed her breasts or vagina to men, I doubt they would take such great offense.

And Mike the Tool, I did not "equate" masturbation with breastfeeding. You have some problems with logic and reading comprehension. What I said is that the same prudish society where people object to public breastfeeding also objects to topless sunbathing and so-called indecent exposure.

To those who say only fellow "pervs" think that indecent exposure should be decriminalized, does that mean only those on Death Row can be against the death penalty? Or only victims of domestic abuse can oppose it? There are some true lamebrains on this site.

Me wrote: "Can any of you hysterical women provide evidence that people who flash or masturbate in public progress to sexual assault? And if so, they can be prosecuted at that point."

Wrong. There are current laws prohibiting public indecency, which means exposing your penis or breast or vagina. So they can be prosecuted for that.

You're entitled to your opinion that such laws are stupid and we have a "prudish society."

But the fact remains that public indecency is illegal.

I have a feeling that "me" is just trolling. Even hard-core naturalists do not condone public masturbation!

Dear Kevin,

I did not say indecent exposure is not a crime; I said it should not be a crime and cops have better things to do than take hysterical calls from the easily offended. Please pay attention.

Me, please do not refer to me as a hysterical woman. I am not hysterical nor am I a prude. And your argument of how men would react to a woman's vagina out in the open is ridiculous. I would hope men would be offended by that because it, like a man stroking it in public for the "gratification" of a woman across the aisle, is offensive, inappropriate, and disgusting. Feel free to email me if you'd like to continue this discussion, but I doubt you'd want to have a private exchange. Spitting out your vitriolic and ridiculous opinions in public is obviously your own little way to get off. In any case, I'm done with you.

Just to put my two cents in.... Why do pediphiles, sexual harassers and men who abuse women get beat up and rapped all the time in jail? Imagine if your mother/wife/child/sister/aunt came to you and said some perv got off in front of them? Would they still be some crazed hysterical woman then? I know exactly what my father would do if told him this happened to me....lets just say it wouldn't be a pretty sight on the train the next day.

I also have another question: Lets say the man was stroking infront of a child or teenager. Would you still feel like nobody should call the police because "cops have better things to do than to take hysterical calls from people who are easily offended?"

cmama, you are wonderful. Thank you for putting it much better than I could.

Wow, vilifying someone who disagrees with you as doing it to "get off" proves my point about your hysterical and over-emotional nature. Don't worry, hon, I doubt any man would get off in connection with you. Has it crossed your peabrain that perhaps the man is masturbating for his own gratification rather than your perceived gratification? Of course not, because you are the center of the universe. Why does your name end with an "i" like Candi or Bambi? Former stripper?

Cmama, nice try by involving children in your sick fantasies. Do you cover children's eyes when animals hump at the zoo? If so, why not?


OK, I think that post proves a lot more about you than me.

Anyway, I forgot to mention that the man my cousin had seen masturbating, presumably the same one my roommate and I have seen, was on the Purple Line up to Howard, so keep your eyes open there as well.

Thanks, you guys!

Umm, I thought you were done with me. Inconstant female.

You have done a lot of name calling of everybody here whose expressing their opinion just like you. And, now I must leave you alone because you're not stable .... I don't have sick fantacies and actually have been a victim of a stroker, you on the other hand are defending the strokers. You're obviously a man so ask any woman in your life and see if they're reaction differ from Kimberli or my reaction. You probably think it was a woman's fault if she got raped.

Me, man....just take a chill pill, get a beer from Rock Bottom (BTW, Kevin. Did I miss the 2 year reunion of this site?). Realize victims of crimes want action done to make sure it doesn't happen to another person. This is why we have laws, rules, law enforcement, courts, lawyers and the judiciary branch. When you're a victim of a crime and seeking action, I pray that you don't have to face a jerk telling you "you're hysterical, look the other way, get over it cause that's life."

Women were put on this planet to be playthings for men, and the sooner you accept that the better.

By the way, Matt is the only smart one here. Buh-bye!

Yeah, that was super fun. Idiot.

I wanted to let everyone know that if any other person has the same experience that I had, he or she is welcome to email me. I just am really anxious to get this guy stopped and would appreciate any stories you may have to tell that could help us get him caught.

Kimberli asked me to post a more detailed description of this nasty man so here's what to look out for in a addition to the details she provided above:
Dark blonde hair, blue eyes, fair to medium complexion, about 5'8" to 6' tall, average build.
This man actually made a point of making eye contact with me to make sure that I saw what he was doing. This isn't some guy who just likes the thrill of possibly being caught. This is someone who thrives on making women feel uncomfortable and unsafe in public places, not your run of the mill wanker.

Thanks, Kate! You rock.

I have to say that he also made eye contact with me as he was wanking. That's probably the most disturbing part.

This "Me" person is so whacked out that I am also wondering if it is just a troll. The idea that this could be viewed as acceptable or even tolerable is completely out of line with real nudists, who are careful to have rules that ensure that nudity is mutually consensual.

I certainly don't want this guy doing his thing in front of me, and I'd be infuriated if it happened in front of my kid. The reason is that, in that moment with my child present, I have to evaluate the nature and extent of the threat to public order he represents. Will he stay seated, or will he attempt to touch me and my child? For the wanker to force me into that position is an intrusion into my personal space. When people are scared, they respond with a defense of one kind or another.

While I don't think I would actually lose it so badly as to attack the guy if he stayed in his seat, there are people who would. If he approached me, though, that's a different scenario. This guy could end up with a broken arm, no teeth, or dead if he pulls his little game in front of the wrong person: male rape victim, recent parolee, etc. Better for him, and us, that he should be arrested now, and get counseling.

I love it when people try to act like they know it all while namecalling the people who REALLY do know what they are talking about. Funny stuff! Trolls are always funny too but you should NEVER feed them. Have a nice weekend everyone!

I haven't posted on this website in forever, but I was going to write about this exact experience from this morning! Kimberli, you've got the description down, right to the seat he sits on. I got on at Loyola at about 8:15am, sat in the jump seat on the second car from the front across from this clean cut college-guy looking guy who couldn't be more than 26. He had on a blue ,well-worn baseball cap on and a back pack. I had my nose deep in a book, so I didn't notice what he was doing until he had his penis completely out of his pants. I just got up and sat somewhere else. He exited at the next stop, which was Wilson. Much like you, I wish I had said something instead of just letting it pass, because the more he gets away with it, the more he will get off on doing what he's doing. Has anyone reported this experience to the CTA?

As an aside, as a 16 year veteran of public transportation (both in Boston and Chicago) this is my third experience of this nature....and not even the creepiest!

Deirdre, that's almost exactly how it happened with me! Yes, I did notify the CTA about it as well as the CPD and have been in contact with both of them several times now. People do seem to care about this and it's very refreshing.

I have to be honest and say that it was my most upsetting experience on the train. But I've only been in Chicago for about a year and a half, so I have plenty of time to catch up with you. :-)

Kimberli, for good measure, I'm going to report my experience to the CPD & CTA as well.

Oh my gosh, Deirdre, that would be incredible! Thanks so much for doing your part to stop this guy!

Troll troll troll. Come on, kids. All they want is attention.

The New York Times has an article on this today.

It's shameful that women can be harrassed in public on a train and a whole car with so-called "men" in it would do nothing but let the perv go.

I guess I would be stupid, and ALL BY MYSELF in a crowded car in attempting to hold him for police; I wonder if anyone else would even call 911.

So guys, if it's not your wife or daughter being molested - you just look the other way, huh? And "think" about it later.

Thanks Kevin for sending our stories (minus Me's ramble) to the CTA gurus..... Hopefully the CTA Brass will start looking at different avenues like this site to see what really affects the CTA customers.

Hopefully they can organize a sting like the on in NY.

In the NY Times article that last lady says "They need help, bless their hearts!" That was funny!

"Me" just got signed up for a whole mess of spam.

I laughed at that lady's quote, but it is sooo true.

Wow, Mike, you think disagreeing with someone gives you the right to commit crimes by impersonating them and illegally signing them up for spam? That says a lot about your character. And the fact that the moderator didn't take your gloating post down says a lot about his as well. And he's a parent? Nice example.

I'm surprised that you wouldn't know that trolls don't use their own addys. Thanks for spamming one of my enemies.

Has this guy been caught yet? I know him too, and sad to say that he has been doing this since about December of '05. Wears a Northface jacket in the winter and a skull cap. I have a police report filed against him and I have gone to the CPD to look through photos of known sex offenders, but he wasn't there. I have a police report because I've had him follow me off the train and come find me during my morning southbound commute on more than one occasion.

And just to let everyone know there is another one who travels the same general route. Fair skinned black man that dresses well. He is between 5'10"-6', lighter skin tone, approx 180 lbs somewhat fair eye color. He looks down the train and occasionally glances at you while he is stroking himself. He does also fully expose his genitals too. Watch out for him on the redline from about Granville (or perhaps that is the stop that he noticed the seat across from me was vacant).

There should be a way that you can text 911 so as not to alarm him (so he doesn't zip up) so they can catch him in the act, and doesn't pose a threat to you.

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