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The new kinder, gentler train announcements

At the same time the CTA debuted the Pink Line, it has rolled out brand new train car announcements aimed at teaching passengers to be more considerate of others.

The new announcements target behaviors such as gambling, eating, loud cellers and iPod users and inconsiderate riders who hog seats with packages.

Here are some of the new messages:

"Please be considerate when talking on the phone or listening to electronic devices so as not to disturb other passengers."

So genteel!

"Please keep your belongings off the seat next to you so others may sit down."

Straightforward. To the point.

"Soliciting and gambling are prohibited on CTA vehicles."

It's the first time I've heard gambling mentioned.

"Smoking, littering and eating are prohibited on CTA vehicles."

Ditto on eating being mentioned.

Mr. CTA Announcer Guy also has added cross streets in announcing some downtown station stops. So now it's "Chicago and State" and "Grand and State" instead of just Chicago and Grand. Does that mean the end of the best station stop announcement ever:

"This is Grand."


I'm not sure if its supposed to look like this but on Safari for Mac and on Firefox the stories occupy 1/3 of the page and the rest is all menu an pictures. I think the design needs to be improved for cross-browser compatibility. You might be alienating those users who don't like Internet Explorer.

I definitely prefer the old layout. Now its difficult to read.

I noticed these beginning a couple weeks ago. The mention of gambling is what caught my attention.
I also agree that losing the former Grand announcement will be sad.

I'm using Firefox, and like Tovi, I'm having major layout issues.

As far as the new announcements, I think we should start a petition to bring back the Grand stop on the red line.

I heard the cell phone/electronic device message for the first time this morning on the Brown Line.....but the surprise for me was it actually says, "...so as not to disturb other CUSTOMERS". (emphasis is mine)

I heard the one about gambling yesterday.

The new announcements make the CTA Guy into a regular Chatty Cathy. On the Red Line it seems like he's piping in with some sort of admonishment every other stop or so, which seems much more frequent to me than the old announcements. This is really going to be bad on those train cars where the speaker volume is set to "stun."

Do the "soliciting" announcements still say that violators will be arrested? Like they ever were?

I noticed them yesterday on the Brown line. There is this man who is usually on the same train when I go home, he gets off at Western (I'm a Kimball gal) and he always talks to himself. Like a mumbling with really loud exclamations and facial expressions.

So we were on the same car yesterday and every time the new announcements would come on, the guy would smirk and make these big faces and air-puff expressions to himself. I thought maybe this change has messed with his inner dialogue?

I do agree that the new announcements are pretty chatty.

Can we get what I consider to be the #1 most necessary CTA public service announcement, which would be something along the lines of "please allow customers to get off the train before you push your way onto it"?

Damn... so much for our after work high stakes poker games on the train ride home...

I didn't pay attention on the Red Line until it was too late: did they fix the pronounciation of "Clybourn" in the "North & Clybourn" stop?

One other comment: The CTA recordings are still far better than the Washington, DC MetroRail announcer. I'll take CTA's polite "Bing. Bong. Doors Closing" recording any day over Metro's pushy "STAND BACK DOORS CLOSING!", followed by xylophone assault.

MB: Yes, the Clybourn pronunciation is now correct.

I just noticed the changes yesterday. Glad I downloaded the old verbiages from a website on the Internet before they changed them.

speaking of announcements, sometime last month the #49 western bus would announce "Madison- Transfer to Blue Line at Madison". last week it was changed to "Madison- Transfer to Blue and Pink Lines at Madison". Where is there a station within walking distance of madison and western? you could take the madison bus to the blue line but then you could also take a bus down jackson, chicago, grand, division, etc. to other el stops too.

and, uh, today there was no such announcement at madison. i don't know if that's because it was an old bus or because the announcement makes no f'ing sense.

I like the new messages a lot. If nothing else, they may clue in the suburbanite Cubs fans to Eliquette -- the sober enough to notice the sound, that is.

I wouldn't mind an announcement to the effect of "Please refrain from dropping your Cheetos on the floor."

I think it's kind of funny at the Library stop in the Loop, how he sounds so happy to be saying, "This is Library -- State and Van Buren!" Noticeably sunnier than the rest of the announcements.

The blog looks gorgeous on Flock, which I'm trying for the first time and love deeply so far.

As for the announcement at Library - State/Van Buren, I think the announcer man (Is his voice and delivery perfect for the job or what?) is being very careful not to sound like he's saying "Lyeberry," as I understand he had to re-record it to make sure. Wish he'd redo "North and Clyburn," and I think that would take care of the mispronunciations.

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