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We know about wankers. What about gropers?

Last week I wrote about the numerous complaints about men exposing themselves and masturbating in front of women passengers.

I have written a letter to the CTA brass asking what they are doing about this disgusting, degrading and demeaning nonsense.

I wrote this letter due to the great number of complaints from you folks, and especially after seeing the New York Times story in the Trib Sunday about New York cops making 13 arrests of wankers on that city's transit system.

But that story seemed to indicate that the worse problem in New York was not wankers but gropers. And that's something I haven't really heard about here in Chicago on the CTA.

So ladies (and men, if applicable): Have you had problems with people groping you in tight quarters (or otherwise) on CTA trains and buses? If so, what if anything have you done to combat this problem?


Yes I've been groped. On an extremely crowded rush hour red line train. Me, squished in the middle of drunk cubs fans. Train lurches, drunk ass palms my ass then apologizes, says he lost his balance. Seconds later train lurches again...this time he grabs my breast!! Again says it is because of the train. I tell him to keep his nasty paws to himself or I'll call the police. He laughs and winks to his buddies like "yeah sure" but he didn't do it again.

I'm sorry...in that situation, I'd have to get physical with somebody. I may not be the biggest person, but if I say stop and he laughs and does it again... somebody's gonna be sore between the legs. Try laughing now!

Oh if he had touched me again he would have been singing soprano for the rest of his life! :-)

Of course I've been groped. I think this is a fairly common experience. The guy got an elbow to the face and a loud warning not to do it again.

I always wonder about the difference in NYC transit and Chicago transit. It seems that NYC takes transit security seriously and Chicago (CTA) has a "get over it it's life" type of attitude toward happenings on buses and trains. It seems I always hear about NYC transit authority doing things like this but I don't think I've ever heard of CTA taking serious action on much of anything other than fare hikes!

The CTA does take it seriously ..... remember all those signs (I usually saw them on the Brown/purple line chicago stop) showing an undercover cop amongst commuters? I guess we're supose to feel more secure by seeing a sign showing what an ideal security system would look like. I think I'd feel more secure by actually seeing or hearing about one of these cops catching a wanker, flasher, shell gamer, smoker, or harasser on a train.

Now I just wonder if there really are undercover cops riding the trains or are those just signs there to make us feel more secure and they really don't have jack (no pun intended).

Hmmm... either Bloglines is hiccuping or a post has gone missing. Allegedly there was supposed to be a post about the best movies with El scenes... Bummer.

A poster on here many moons ago had a great idea for a situation like this.... Loudly ask everyone on the car for someone with a cell phone that has a camera and then ask everyone with a cell phone camera to take a picture "of this pervert HERE! He just groped me and if he does it again I'm calling the police and I want to make sure we have lots of photos to give to the Police". The original poster with the idea said that Mr Gropeyhands got off (sorry bad choice of words) at the next stop.

My cell phone doesn't have a camera but I think I would just whip it out (ooh, bad choice of words again, sorry) and pretend it has a camera and pretend to take his picture.

cmamma, undercover cops do in fact exist. they managed to grab 2 of the 4 teens who attacked me on the green line last fall.

flippin awesome.... glad to see somebody was actually helped by cta security/cops.

I was on the red line heading south around 10 pm on a Tuesday night. The car was crowded enough that I had to stand, but not too crowded. Somewhere near Grand, I felt a hard pinch - I couldn't even believe that someone would goose me in plain sight of everyone on the train and was so shocked that all I managed to do was whip my head around and say loudly, "Did you just PINCH me?! You pinched me!" as I pushed my way away from the leering man. No one did or said a thing, and I just stood in a different part of the train with my face burning until my stop. I think it's awful, but not that surprising, that no one on the train asked if I was okay or said anything at all that might deter the man from groping anyone else on that car. He did NOT exit the car at the next stop.


what are people on the train supposed to do?

"hey, guy, did you just pinch her?"
"oh, ok, well, um...just wondering. well, we could fight, but it's not important enough to brawl with a stranger over something that's kind of retarded and involving another stranger i know nothing about, and, well...i'm not really gonna scrap with you, but, you probably shouldn't do that anymore. if you do, well, whatever...but it *is* rude! just so you know."

does that make you feel better?

In my 15 years living here in Chicago, I've only been breast-groped by some guy passing me on the sidewalk (this was in Lincoln park, walking east-bound on Fullerton towards Clark street). What happens to me on a crowded CTA train is some creep standing super-close behind me, pressing his groin into my backside. Are these guys doing it on purpose? Perhaps not, but it happens often enough that I think they are. I usually just turn around to give the guy my "You sh*t head"-look and move away. Next time I'm going to elbow or kick the creep hard.

ON FEB 14, 2007--
Please watch out for a man in a navy blue hooded sweatshirt, black cords, black leather jacket, ballcap, 5'8-10", medium complexion, early 30's--He was on the Brown Line at rush hour with his pants down to his hips against a young girl. I yelled--we stopped the train with the emergency button and we all almost got him--but he got away. It is dangerous--Please be careful and please do not wear headphones when walking home from the L. Wish to God I would have had a camera phone or yelled for one.

Alright, I read a few of these with other perps described and thought I should be more specific, but I was hesitant as I didn't want to "profile" anyone--But here we go:

Man exposing himself and touching women is
5'8"-10", 160-165 lbs, smooth shaven face, thin/straight nose, fuller lips, a little sleepy, hooded-look to his eyes, wider eye separation, soft spoken but not deterred by pushing him away--responded to yelling, hispanic in background. Gropes through a pocket in his black leather coat--pocket is cut out. Will touch you from behind/between legs with his hands while touching himself with his pants down to his hips (entirely exposed)--his navy sweatshirt masks what he does. He's very bold--it was hard for me to see that he did this to a young girl who could have been 17-19. I hit him with my backpack and he exited the train/Brown Line at Sedgwick. His description matches a man that attacked a girl 1/25/07 in SW Logan Square. Be careful and watchful. I think he got onto the train at Clark/Lake/Thompson.

Watch out for a latino man, short - about 5'1" - 5'4" on the Claredon/LaSalle Express #135 who always smells like beer and rubs up against people on the bus. He is very forceful and does not understand the words NO, or STOP. He has tried rubbing be several times and I see him do it to others each time he gets on the bus in the morning (have never seen him at night). I am trying to get a picture, but I really don't want him to know - i'm a bit scared because I think he lives near me.

The 135 express morning groper short man groped me, too. He's under 5'2, has something like knife scars on his face and in winter wears a size medium bright red parka (he had it on inside-out). I think he's drunk, too.

I am not surprised that I found comments here from other people with the same experience on the CTA 135 bus. Twice I bumped into this short and ugly man who rubbed against me on the bus 135 in the morning heading downtown. I wonder what can be done to stop him.

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