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Weekend news, Brown Line blues

It's mid-July. Summer is slipping by. The CTA is scheduled to be finished with  the Brown Line rehab of Kedzie and Francisco by the end of August. (Look here for Zesmerelda's great Flickr set of photos of the Kedzie station rehab.)

But yesterday the CTA board had to cough up another $16 million for the Brown Line project, which overall is running 11% over budget, the Trib reports. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!

Here are some random notes for the weekend, starting with the usual CTA warnings to leave extra time because they'll be working on the Clark Junction.

  • The Brown Line update; how to see Bon Jovi: Good news - CTA is providing extra service to Soldier Field for the Bon Jovi concert. Bad news -- two words: Clark Junction.
  • Ride the Pink Line and check out these hot spots from the Trib:
  • CTA puts undamaged CTA Blue Line cars back in service.
  • Earlier this week I wrote about what the NTSB had to say about the 2001 CTA accidents. Scott Gordon from Beachwood Reporter dug deeper, finding other incidents that NTSB weighed in on: "These reports suggest that while the CTA has followed some of the NTSB's recommendations, it didn't make full use of NTSB findings - or, say, basic logic and intuition - to fix pervasive safety problems, like drivers' negligence." Check it out at Beachwood Reporter.
  • A four-hour tour: The CTA's Trip Planner Web site takes Adam on a very long journey from Lawrence and Western to Fullerton and Western. Yikes!


Two more examples of CTA incompetence.

From the Tribune article:
"... CTA Chairwoman Carole Brown ... warn[ed] ... that transit agency President Frank Kruesi would be held personally responsible."
" 'I am going to make it [Kruesi's] responsibility to make sure it gets done appropriately. I will hold him to it and I will blame him if it does not,' Brown told the board ..."
Get real. That will only happen if this plays out into mid-2007 and Daley is not reelected mayor.
There is a radio show on 670 am at 5:03 p.m. Thursdays (if the Sox are not playing) that summarizes my feelings on this.

Brown Line rehab of Kedzie and Francisco

I believe you mean Kedzie and Rockwell.

I am shocked that the CTA is running over budget on this project. They're always on budget with projects, yearly operating expenses. They're also on time with everything. I am utterly amazed that the CTA is acting so incompetent.

Let me go finish my sarcasm breakfast burrito.

Now the CTA infighting is coming to a more publicy-viewable boil.

Granted that construction costs are rising rapidly across many industries because of an increase in concrete and metal prices, this is still a classic case of passing the buck.

Carole first needs to take responsibility along with Kruesi. Stop looking down the line for the blame. You two are at the head of this derailing train along with Daley.

Stop jerking the public around.

I have been told that the only time Carole Browne Rides the CTA is the rare trip on the O'Hare line to the airport or the reverse.
That's the real problem with the CTA, none of the people that run it, ride it!

The incompetence is mind boggling. As I indicated in the comments section of Carole Brown's blog, the cost overruns on the rehab are enough to cover the expense of a much-needed flyover for Belmont junction several times over.

The Tribune reports that Carole Brown has indicated that her vote in favour of the overpriced contracts was against her better judgment. She needs to better explain why she didn't stand up to Kruesi and propose some sort of alternative before the CTA had pissed away millions.

Given that the CTA has plenty of urban planners and lawyers on its staff, you would think that someone in the entire organisation could check the relevant regulations and prepare the paperwork to get a construction permit well in advance. Why didn't somebody at the CTA board realise that people weren't doing their jobs properly?

She claimed on her blog that she rode the #1 or #3 bus, but she really couldn't do it often because of her real job at Lehman Bros.

Lehman Brothers objects to its employees riding the bus?

I think it was more of a time thing. Don't forget, however, they are slave holders (according to D. Tillman).

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