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U.S. Cellular tests subway celling

U.S. Cellular is finalizing testing of cell phone connectivity for its customers in the 22 miles of CTA subway tunnels, the Trib reports today.

Service should be up and running before summer's end.


U.S. Cellular is the only company so far to pay the CTA to lease subway communication lines -- $2.9 million over 10 years.

I'm fine with the quickie call home or to the office about one's whereabouts. It's just the conversations about getting one's blood mold excised that I hate listening to.

Let's just hope people actually abide by the new, gently chiding announcements to "please be considerate when talking on the phone or listening to electronic devices so as not to disturb other passengers."

Otherwise, I dread the cell yell trying to top the wailing of wheels rounding the bend between the North/Clybourn and Clark/Division stops on the Red Line.


Note to self:

Must. buy. Portable cell phone jammer. Now.


This is kind of off-topic, but I noticed today that neither the train nor the bus I was riding had the guy telling us what stops were coming, etc. -- when I mentioned this to my girlfriend, she suggested that maybe this was in commemoration of the London bombings, kind of a solidarity thing among public transit workers. Is that explanation correct, or is it just a coincidence that both my rides had no soundtrack?

The Red Eye was real subtle about this today. While the headline on the grown-up papers was to the effect that patronage chief convicted, "Feds: 'Stay Tuned'," the one on the front of the Red Eye was "CTA CELL HELL."

You know I noticed that today too!none of the busses or the train I was on were working properly (peterson 84 and 147 michigan ave express) (red line northbound 9pm)????????????????

I ride the blue line and i've been able to use my phone underground for a couple weeks now. it's great for text messaging, but how anyone could have a conversation whizzing thru the tunnels is beyond me. i can't even hear my music if i've got headphones in it's so loud.

Several years ago, I researched cell phone jammers (especially portable ones!)...not only were they mucho dinero, but also allegedly illegal in the USA .....I wonder if this is true? If not, anyone want to go in on a cell phone jammer share? I'd be willing to take turns annoying the annoying...

i'm guessing that a cell phone jammer would at the very least need to be licensed in the u.s., judging by the frequency it uses. more likely that it is outright illegal.

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