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CTA map mistakes will cost $75,000 to fix

Bad_cta_map_1 The Tribune today reports finding three mistakes on the newly printed maps on all rail cars -- and fixing them will cost $75,000.

At least CTA President Frank Kruesi fired the person responsible:

"I cannot even comprehend how this could happen. I just can't have a situation where people are working hard to produce a quality product and it gets messed up by someone doing a sloppy job," Kruesi tells the Trib.

But I have a question: How can you really blame just ONE person?

(Map image from Tribune Web site.)


The shrewd marketing thing to do it to hype up the misspelled signs like they're collectors' items, and then sell them on eBay. What hipster college student wouldn't want a defective CTA map on their dorm wall?

Trust me, the "hipster college student"s already have plenty of L signs on their walls. And not from buying them.

I was thinking the same thing.... Did this one person design the map, approve it themselves, print the maps and put the maps on every rail car? There had to be more than one person who looked at that map. Anyway, I think there have been bigger goof ups within their HQ other than this map thing. I feel like I'm in "Wag the Dog".

wouldn't the fee increase have been enough to hire a part-time proofreader? just wondering...

Just Tuesday night my husband and I were returning from the Sox game and the map on the Red line showed we could transfer from red to brown at Jackson. Thank god we knew better, had we been tourists we would have been pretty ticked.

The person they fired wasn't even the person who did the map. Just a scapegoat. Way to keep up appearances. Well done CTA.

I'm not sure where the buck stops, but it clearly doesn't even briefly visit Frank Kruesi's desk. How many blunders does this guy have to preside over before he is shown the door??? I cannot contemplate screwing up so often and being allowed to keep my job.

Earlier this week I noticed the new maps didn't indicate Fulleteron Red Line as a transfer point... I was too far away to read the "Bemont" on the Blue Line. I wonder if I would have noticed...

I could swear that at least some older (recent) maps didn't show Fullerton as a transfer point, either, because I noticed the connected dots at Belmont weren't duplicated at Fullerton. I assumed at the time it was because there's the bridge at Belmont linking the two platforms so that you can transfer from any of the three lines in either direction to any of the three lines in either direction.

I mean, if you're going to count Fullerton as a transfer point, you should count any platform where more than one line stops, including, say, Wellington and Sedgwick where you can transfer from Brown to Purple.

Bob, it isn't feasible to show the Brown / Purple Line transfer points at Wellington and stations south. Why? Because the Purple Line only runs Mon - Fri during peak commute times - the Skokie Swift being the exception at Howard. The transfer stations in the loop carry more than just the Brown / Purple lines.

Jeanne, you can transfer from Red to Brown at Jackson using Library. No charge is deducted at the turnstile.

MB, point taken (and really, if you read my comment with its intended irony... oh, ok, sarcasm, point given), but then why does the CTA highlight Merch Mart as a transfer point?

Frank sez: "I cannot even comprehend how this could happen." Really?! You must be joking. I can completely comprehend how this happens. You hire incompetent people -- many, many incompetent people -- and they screw up. Consistently, regularly, spectacularly. And this is why we have fare increases: 1) to pay the salaries of all of those incompetent employees on the CTA's bloated payroll; and 2) to pay to fix the incompetent employees' mistakes.

Violet, I posted your idea and Carole Brown is going to suggest it to Frank Kruesi.


1. What is the name of the guy fired?
2. I'll make you a bet that he either gets his job back in a couple of months or he gets a job at another government agency.

Fullerton is a transfer station because it's the last place to decide whether you're going to go over the elevated or into the subway (southbound), or if you have to stop at Diversey or Wellington (northbound).

Likewise, Mart is a transfer stop because it's the last place where you can decide whether you're going clockwise or counterclockwise around the Loop.

The difference between those two stops and any other stop served by multiple lines is that the lines will take different paths from that point on. I mean.. you -could- transfer from Brown to Purple at Sedgwick, but why would you? They both make the same next few stops in the same order in either direction.

It bothers me that the signs for the Brown line don't show that you can transfer to the Blue as well as the Red line at the Library stop -- just Red. Yet the stairs literally go down either to State or Dearborn, so it's not like the Red line is even closer.

Steven, again, all points taken. But last night on the way home I verified that the Red Line-specific maps on those trains don't highlight Fullerton as a transfer point. Of course, they do have the brown and purple swatches next to Belmont.

This supports the likelihood that it's a bridge facilitating transfer between platforms, and not the mere ability to change lines, that defines a transfer point. Unless one of those bridges will be installed at Fullerton, there's no reason to display it as a transfer point. (And even if one is, it would be premature to call it out.)

It's certainly possible, of course, that Fullerton was just neglected before, but that turns this week's story, at least in that regard, into a non-story -- obviously the press didn't care about it before.

The maps, until the latest revision, -did- list Fullerton as a transfer point, and the automated announcements continue to establish Fullerton as a transfer point as well.

Anybody else ride the blue line and realize the spacing between the stations are all wrong. I mean they show that Cicero to Pulaski is twice as far as Cicero is to Austin. Just an observation.

I just can't believe that it took this long for them to notice... I noticed the Bemont on June 26th, and called CTA about it. Of course, I was told to wait and then hung up on, the usual answer for any question when I call.


Check on these new sign on the new cars for the MTA in NYC. Take another centrury to get cars as cool as these, but no one would lose their job for forgetting the spell check :)

Well, the brown line specific maps don't list fullerton as a transfer point, either. As far as the new all-system maps, I noticed the Bemont blue line thing, didn't catch the phone number error (since I wouldn't waste my time calling that, anyway), but, Fullerton...I just figured that (as has been brought up) the lack of an actual overpass rendered it, um, less of a transfer point? I actually thought that was on purpose on the new maps (system-wide and line-specific). Guess not.

It's nice that's there's actually a 2nd transfer point between the brown and blue lines (the library / jackson transfer), though it's still not very convenient. plus the fact that those elevated-to-subway transfers are pretty goddamn confusing for someone not used to them. If I didn't know any better, once I left the first station, I'd assume I somehow screwed myself out of a transfer..

Bemont stop. Misspellings begin.

As for Jackson/Library, I think they added it because they needed a handicapped accessible transfer between pink and red. The only preexisting transfer was State/Lake whose loop station isn't accessible.

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