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Makeup sex? Who needs the Hobo Corner?

I'm catching up on posting some of the Best Tattler Tales submitted here as comments. Gotta love this one, and it's not about the homeless! Thanks to ClockworkDragon for sharing:

So I'm on the Red Line heading southbound a few nights ago, sitting on the seat in the back in front of the Hobo Corner. Sitting in the seats in that compartment are a couple, probably in their early 30s. For about 10 minutes of my ride he's yelling at her in what I would consider a threatening tone. Suddenly the yelling stopped and I hear a loud *THUNK*.

Whipping my head around I see that girl is now on the ground with her back to the emergency door looking up at the guy. My assumption was that he knocked her down off her seat. Now I am by no means a physically strong person. So I decided to move to the next train car when we pulled into Wilson so that I might report it to the driver.

When I entered the next car I peered into the previous one to see if the woman was OK. The man and woman were both standing and walking down the car. As we were about to pull into Sheridan it looked as if they were about to disembark, which would leave no time for any report to the driver to be handled.

However, much to my surprise, they continued to walk past the exit doors and opened the emergency doors to the car I was in. But instead of passing through to my car, they remained in between the cars. After a moment I realized they were removing articles of clothing and they began having sex right between the train cars!!! This went on for a couple stops until we pulled into Belmont. They put their clothing back on and exited the train.


So...you considered calling a conductor because a woman fell down, but not when she and her man are (supposedly) having sex between the train cars? Uh huh. Riiight.

Reminiscent of "Pet Milk."

I've seen people do the same thing but to smoke or pee.

Not to condone the copulators' behavior Skeptical, but I sort of understand why ClockworkDragon didn't alert the engineer after realizing what was realy going on. In th case of the guy assaulting the woman, the woman was facing danger/risk at the hands of another whereas with the inter-car coitus, the two riders were placing the danger/risk on themselves.

It seems a no brainer to report an assault, but when it's just two stupid people risking their own lives its easier to let it pass; a sort of write-off for the conscience.

My common sense is not letting me believe this one.

Surprised no one fell off and hit the third rail.

I recently saw a woman squat between two cars and pee, but I just can't believe they were having sex BETWEEN the cars. The story would have been much more believable if they were doing it IN hobo corner.

I can't believe it because if they were removing their clothing why did the clothes not blow away, fall onto the track etc etc. I vote "not true"

I don't believe it either. I mean there's not enough room to do it inbetween the cars like that...oops guess I'm telling on myself....

Also, there are a lot of curves on the track between Sheridan and Belmont (around the storage company building).

Maybe they possess the same mystical qualities that allow them to get it on between trains as that kid had when he somehow "slipped" between both the train and the tracks onto the street at the chicago brown line stop a couple weeks ago.

yeah, i'm going to need some details before i believe this one.

bogus. if you were going to have a quickie on the train, no way in hell clothes are coming off. good call on "pet milk"--MUCH better (and credibly told) story of love, longing, loss, and lust on the ol' cta.

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