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Out the wankers with cell photos

The wanking and harassment continues, as Cmama reported recently.

New York City had cracked down hard on pervs who expose themselves and masturbate on the transit system and elsewhere, with a big assist from women brave enough to shoot photos of offenders on their cell phones.

In the past year a New York blog sprung up to accept photos of sex offenders of all types, not just transit-oriented.

And now a Chicago sister site also take submissions. Be brave ladies. Step, aim your cell phones and out these jerks.


...these jerks

no pun intended i'm sure.

In other news....a woman was sexually assulted around the Addison stop on the Red line. They say her attacker probably followed her off the train. Not saying the CTA could have prevented this crime or the woman did anything wrong by being alone....but this is just a reminder to everyone to be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. One of the things I remember from a self defense class is to look a potential attacker in the face if you get a chance....they are less inclined to attack because you have a good description of them. Also, this is one common thread I've noticed about the yankers....every body who's reported seeing one all said the yanker ran off the train once they were spotted. Agree with me or disagree with me, but please be safe.

There's a picture of the Addison Red Line Rapist here:
Be on the look out and give any info you might have to Area 3 Detectives.

I agree that most of the things on that "HollaBack" thing are very ridiculous misogynistic remarks, but whats so about a guy saying "dammmmn"? apparently its now sexual harassment to tell a girl shes good looking? meh, oh well. glad i'm married and wouldnt dream of saying that to some girl/lady/woman anyways.

I didn't know there was a Chicago version of this. Thanks for posting it!

hey adam (and anyone else) if you wouldn't say it to your mother/sister/niece/whomever or want anyone else to, then it's not OK. really, it's never OK. i'm glad that there's a chicago site, too bad it HAS to exist.

and really, sexual harrassment isn't going to end until other men also step up to say "that's not OK" it's everyone's responsibility.

on a funnier note....my friends and I always joke around that those men who are accused of sexual harassment are usually ugly ones. I mean if Brad Pitt or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson told a girl "Nice Ass.." I doubt they'd be accused of harassment.

I'm going to go out on a limb here, as a woman and a feminist, and say that I would be lying if I said I'm not secretly pleased when I get wolf-whistled or complimented on my looks by a passing stranger. (Not that I would ever consider dating a guy who did that).

However, the is a thin line between appreciating beauty and being a misogynistic lech. Comments that are threatening or overtly sexual and lewd gestures are disgusting and creepy. And even more innocently appreciative comments can be threatening when you're in close proximity to or in an enclosed space with the "complimenter".

I think the women on that sight that got all worked up over some guy saying "Damn!" as they walked by are overreacting a little but then, that's their perogative.

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