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There's no stoppin' the CTA Holiday Train

The LITE-FM started playing Christmas music the day after Halloween. But the CTA is at least waiting until the weekend before Thanksgiving to debut its "Holiday Train."

Actually, it's pretty cool. And it has an interesting recent history. In 2004, CTA president Frank Kruesi tried to derail the popular train. But then CTA board chairwoman Carole Brown came to the rescue.

Maybe they can avoid a real derailment this year. Read other takes on the Holiday Train here.


Dude....what's happening on the red line. Car flips over on the tracks and catches on fire on the southside. Now a "defective" train damages tracks near north/clyborn.......

I was having an awful day last Christmas season, bad day at work and not looking forward to Christmas with the family, etc. Then I went down into the Chicago station to head home. Suddenly, out of the tunnel, appeared the Holiday train. The CTA workers dressed as elves were so sweet and happy and everyone else on the train couldn't help smiling. I even started singing along with one of the elves to the music being broadcast. That train made my day fantastic and really helped me turn my mindset around.

I caught a sneak preview of the train today riding south on Wells out of the Washington/Wells stop. It looks fantastic!

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