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When it rains it pours -- Red Line hit at both ends

The CTA's Red Line was hit with a double whammy of closures today on two fronts -- the north and the south, and the subway and elevated.

Well, partially elevated, as an automobile zooming down the Dan Ryan managed to catapult itself on to the tracks at about 10 am and caught fire, resulting in the closing of the Red Line from 79th to 95th.

And at about the same time, the Tribune and CTA said "a loose part on one train knocked the third rail slightly out of alignment, halting trains," near North/clybourn. A CTA spokewoman said some passengers "self-evacuated." The tunnel was closed for nearly three hours. This was similar to the Blue Line incident with just a few minor injuries. Thank God.

The CTA claims there was no fire. Daneel, a passenger on the train, disputes that claim.


How in hell does a car "catapult" onto the tracks?!? What the hell is going on with people out there!?

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