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Beware of the DOTS from Japan

A clean, well-dressed, nicely manicured man in his mid-40s paces the length of the Red Line train car from Garfield to Wilson.

He screams over and over:

"Are YOU Telling ME that that DOT that Flew here from Japan to Chicago Didn't Do NO Damage?!?"

He also seems to have a good knowledge of well-made trucks:

"You KNOW them Mercedes-Benz Semis Will Run Until the BODY Falls off Them!"


All the way from Garfield to Wilson?? I'm surprised you didn't flee the car to get away from him.

Although, he's not wrong about the MB trucks...

Was he on the phone or just talking to no one?

>>>>Was he on the phone or just talking to no one?<<<<<

Most likely both, Cheryl...

Why didn't "CTA Security" step in and intervene in this situation?

What about Securitas? Isn't this the type of situation that they are PAID to deal with?

What's the point of them if they are aren't actually going to.... you know secure something?

Securitas? They seem too busy, with a cell phone glued to their ear and chomping on a bag of cheetos to be bothered with "work." I noticed the females seem to be in the boxes while the young men are the "dog handlers."

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