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"Go Bears!" train to run through March

The CTA is getting into the Bears Super Bowl spirit -- all the way through March.

Thursday the CTA debuted two train cars "wrapped in artwork featuring the orange and navy team colors, the Chicago Bears logo, the words 2006 CHAMPION on one side of the train and the words “GO BEARS” on the other side. In addition, “GO BEARS" appears on the top of the 2600-series cars, rail car numbers 3101 and 3102. The interior of the cars feature congratulatory car cards for the team’s accomplishment. The car cards with the phrase “Next Stop Miami” also will appear on trains throughout the system."


The CTA has the train cars traversing the city on various train lines - all the way through March.

All I can say is, I sure hope they win Sunday, otherwise there could be some bitter Bears fans in mid-March lamenting a Super Bowl loss.

Photo from CTA Flickr photo pool by coollead.


I really am hoping for a Bears loss. I just want to see the dissapointment on peoples' faces as they ride that El Train to the daily grind on monday. Especially the ones that will have to get on the "Go Bears" train.

Not to be a spoilsport or anything, but just how much does it cost to wrap one of these trains in ads? Tell me the cash-strapped CTA didn't spend its own money on ads for a multi-million dollar entertainment corporation (the bears, inc.) that clearly is doing just fine on its own. A holiday train is one thing, but free advertising is something completely different.

Anyway. Go Bears!

CTA management is excellent at wasting money!
They are constantly sending out single sheets of paper to those who are registered for certain bid documents.
They of course don't send it by the post office, pre-sorted mail goes for something like 35¢.
No, they send it in a UPS letter envelope, costing several dollars!
And I'm talking about local delivery!

Have fun north side riders getting home tonight.. especially the yellow, purple and red....

Cmama-now that's not nice!

I laughed when I first saw these train cars reading "CHAMPIONS" before the Super Bowl was even played. Now I suppose they have to re-wrap the trains to read "RUNNERS UP"

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