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Sign PIRG's reasonable Transit Solutions petition

The Illinois Public Interest Research Group invites us to sign its online Transit Solutions petition. And I think it's a very reasonable solution:

1. Hold transit agencies more accountable to the public. Doing so will lead to better decisions about how they spend public dollars and build new transit.

2. Make transit more efficient, both in management, in dollars and in time. To do this, different layers of transit bureaucracy must be eliminated.

3. Increase funding so that transit has adequate resources. That means it needs to be sustainable, diverse and as equitable as possible. Making sure it’s equitable is a part of making the transit system a world class system that benefits all parts of our region and can grow and expand as the region grows.

Sign the petition here.


Wait, all we have to do is open the books, eliminate waste and get more money and all the problems will be magically solved? And you say all I have to do is sign this petition?

Try signing a letter to your state reps instead. It'll do more good, and PIRG does quite a few things I don't approve of.

Sorry, dbt, but just because *you* don't approve of some things PIRG does is not high on my list of why I wouldn't sign the petition. Especially since you didn't elaborate.

Though I agree signing yet another petition doesn't sound like doing much, it is doing something beyond merely kvetching about the problems with service here. For the record, I've written my state reps and alderman a number of times on the issues with the CTA, and I will continue to do so. I'll also show up at any CTA meeting I can get to. If there are other things I could be doing, I wish someone would let us know.

I agree with the first two points of PIRG's list. The 3rd, well, why give the CTA more money to waste on bureaucracy and poorly managed process? Lets start by holding them more accountable (public elections anyone?) and open their books for the public to see where exactly the money is going and why.

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