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The CTA listens to a rider!

Windy City Mike wrote me to say he was very proud and thrilled that the CTA actually listened to and acted on an idea he suggested:

Mike wrote: "In Jon Hilkevitch's February 12 "Getting Around" column in the Tribune, he quoted a suggestion I had made a few times to the CTA with no response:

"The CTA is telling us that we'll need to start taking the bus instead of the Red Line come April," rider Mike Harris said. "Putting aside my rage at how this mismanagement of the CTA has precipitated this crisis, why won't the [CTA and the Regional Transportation Authority] make the simplest change ever to the Trip Planner Web site and let us choose a 'bus only' option?"

"Well, the RTA Trip Planner now does just that.  They listened to me.  Kinda cool!

"If you use Firefox and the Greasemonkey extension (http://greasemonkey.mozdev.org/), you can use a user script I whipped up -- here -- to make the site's default "only buses" (or, with a little editing of the script, "only trains")."

Thanks, Mike. You give us some hope.


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