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Happy Birthday to CTA Tattler

I made my first post to CTA Tattler on June 10, 2004. Many of the posts that first day were strange tales from my wife's commute, and I owe a big debt to her for helping found this blog.

She and I brainstormed the idea behind CTA Tattler, and she came up with the name. Thanks, Susan. And it's strangely apropos that I just reached 1 million "hits" to the site this weekend too.

What started as a repository for things "Seen and heard on the Chicago Transit Authority" has evolved into a community that gives voice to the everyday rider. And so I thank you also, loyal readers, for sticking with me and pitching in with your stories, frustrations and sometimes even triumphs.

And a big shout-out to the CTA itself, whose employees have never backed away from a question or controversy. These folks are people too who ride the CTA and who spend their lives trying to make our experience better. So thanks to Noelle, Greg, Carole, Ron and all the rest.

And a final thanks to my brother Dan, who first inspired me to blog. He's an Internet consultant who founded CTA Alerts and designed this site.

Peace, and safe travels.

-- Kevin O'Neil 


So when's the party?

Happy anniversary!!!

Congrats! The Tattler is one of my favorite Chicago blogs.

Congrats for starting the dialogue!


Thanks for the blog. I know it must be a time consuming task for you. It is required reading for me every morning. It really does give us a collective voice and an outlet to vent frustrations!

Thank you, Kevin, for giving the riders a voice. And one that the CTA actually listens to! Anyone who has ever sat on a plane for hours trying to get in or out of O'Hare, or sat in traffic on the highway, knows how frustrated and powerless you feel when you are just going nowhere. Being informed about the CTA and being able to rant when things go wrong really helps.


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