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Olympics CTA T-shirt

I came across this fabulous Chicago Olympics T-shirt design while surfing through the Reader blogs.

Good stuff.



I want to go off topic.When coming up with schemes to help fund the C.T.A., I try to think of who has money and would be willing to spend it.When going past a faded,peeling off white el station,I thought of color schemes that would greatly improve the appearance of this forlorn structure.Some of the color combinations also just happen to be the colors of major street gangs.It got me thinking ,perhaps street gangs would like to pay to have an el station painted in at least one of their gang colors[I assume there would be too much opposition to using all their colors in one place].Unlike graffiti , sponsoring public works isn't against the law.Such an action might also get worldwide notoriety.And except for rival gangs,I doubt many people would be foolish enough to vandalize a gang sponsored station.

Right. Because giving legitamacy to gangs is a great idea. I would imagine they would feel they "owned" the station in a sense, and would probably set up camp there.

@james: Haha -- that made my morning.

Yes, nothing is more welcoming than droves of gangbangers hanging out in L station. I can just imagine how favorably the world will view our fair city when they get off at California/Crips and Belmont/Bloods.

It's funny seeing that shirt, because just the other day I was thinking to myself that the CTA will be the reason we don't get the Olympics. Well done!

crips and bloods are LA gangs.

don't you know that here we have the vice lords and gangster disciples?

I want that shirt.

I've been saying that for a long time.
ATTN: CTA stop painting things white. I know its cheep, but it doesn't make things look any better after 2 weeks.

Also, to the gang thing: wtf? Thats such a horrible idea. At most get involved with the plethora of art schools we have down town and have them come up with something.

I like the gang idea. But it will only work in residential areas dominated by a certain gang or nobody will ever get to work, you don't GO into enemy territory.

Really stupid idea.

This has to be one of the craziest ideas I've ever heard.

Here's a nice list of Chicago gangs;


Wikipedia is a little easier on the eyes.


Letting the art schools design the stations is best idea. Showcase some Chicago talent.

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