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Satellite dishes vs. trees

Overheard from a 60-some-year-old lady to her 30ish son, on the Red Line on their way to a Cubs game:

"Usually when I come here to visit, I look at all the different satellite dishes on the houses. This year I'm noticing all the different varieties of trees. At least 12."

And: "Do you think we'll find our favorite beer vendor again this year?"

Made me want to raise a 16-ounce Bud with the lady.


God bless her! I put all the night games on my calendar so as to avoid commuting the Red Line on those evenings but last night I broke my own rule and it was fun to see the out of town visitors on their first trip to the Friendly Confines. I particularly liked the guy who asked some trixies in Cubs jerseys if he could follow them to the park because he wasn't sure how to get there. As if you could miss it when you get off at Addison. Or maybe he was just hitting on them?

I do the same thing with the calendar and the Red Line avoidance. I got out early yesterday to run some errands that meant I had to take the Red Line also. Out of towners in Cub jerseys were already heading that way at 3. One small boy told me it was so he could get autographs. I hope he got some.

I check for home games because of the bus; then I know I can expect delays along Irving Park (and surprisingly, sometimes, the commute has been good despite the game!) It doesn't seem to matter if it's an afternoon or evening game.

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