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Updates: Transit funding; more deep-cleaning details

The Sun-Times reported Sunday that Senate Majority Leader Emil Jones is open to putting a sales tax hike to vote to provide sustained funding for the CTA and other transit agencies.

We already know that the House is unlikely to support the Senate-passed capital bill centered around new and expanded casinos. So it's good to know there's still a decent chance to get the sales-tax increase passed when the Legislature meets next week.

More details on deep-cleanings of trains, buses. The Sun-Times on Monday followed-up on the CTA Tattler scoop about how the CTA is using new cleaning methods on both the floors and fabric seat covers.

From the Sun-Times: "A train could go as long as nine months before it had a detailed clean," Ron Huberman said. "We had a lot of employees picking garbage off of platforms and we didn't have enough employees doing general cleans." Now, the goal is to deep clean vehicles every two to three weeks. To do that, the CTA has shifted 50 people on the rail side from cleaning platforms to scrubbing trains. A similar reorganization will be done for buses, Huberman said.

Here's another example of Huberman shifting resources to improve the quality of life for CTA riders -- as he did in fixing the slow zones.

Heinous, vulgar comments. I rarely delete or edit comments. I admit, things got a little dicey in comments here this summer when people really got their dander up because the CTA was following through on the threat to cut service and raise fares without more funding.

So I wanted to tell you why I deleted a comment last night. Maybe some of you actually saw it, because I left it up for awhile. It was a comment on a post about Best Cellers. The commenter used noun "M-F*ers" in the first sentence. He described a "FAT F*ING white trash trailer park f*ing looking like B**CH of about thirty-five just gabbing away" very loudly on her cell phone on a bus. She gave her own cell phone number out loud on the bus, and the commenter wrote it down, and then called her surreptitiously and berated her for talking so loudly and inanely.

Now, I've written many times here about loud and obnoxious cell phone users. And I actually am in favor of letting people know that they are loud and obnoxious, but I think that should be done politely. And I don't really want to see all that hate and those vulgarities on my blog. OK?   


I was on a very packed train last night and some girl was crying her eyes out about how some guy dumped her. She kept repeating "it hurts soooo much." Apparently she works with the guy and she said it was sooo hard to go to work because he was there. The most hilarious part of the conversation was when she changed from sobbing teenage broken hearted girl to the verizon commercial guy "can you hear me?"

Here's another example of what I commented on an earlier thread about the politics of transitioning from Kruesi to Huberman.

Why in the world didn't Frank Kruesi shift resources from platform to more regular rail/bus cleansing in the midst of everyone ranting about how pissy and unkept the vehicles were?!

What was so difficult about the switch of cleaning rail cars every 9 months to every few weeks (which is a great improvement but still not sanitary enough on heavily-used lines like the red) that Kruesi couldn't implement it?

I don't buy it that Kruesi was that complacent or incompetent.

Don't get me wrong, I'm overjoyed about the service improvement, but it seems a wee bit politically-orchestrated.

Even though people used profanity to describe what they described as a loud cell phone talker the racial codewords are often used liberally to talk about minorities when they want to let you know they are talking about someone of color .The "lady" that was talking loudly on the cell phone needed someone to tell her off,I see minorities being disrespected for much less then that, by employees of the CTA,Police and others especially the yuppie passengers who dont like "others" to eat"fried chicken"but want themselves to be allowed to dump starbucks coffee cups and half cans of energy drinks and snacks all over the bus while critisizing others dietary habits.You have a right to decide whats put in your blog ,but sometimes if someone doesnt agree with the opinion expressed by someone it is a easy excuse to use to not put it on your blog.I hope thats not what occured, because this is actually a interesting blog.Bottom line we have to learn to get along and since we who ride the CTA will probably be seeing one another again its better to keep it real instead of doing things that common sense should say to you " I am irritating my fellow riders?no matter if its chicken or coffee or loud obnoxious cell phone chatter or bad hygiene, ignorance has no color.

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