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No audio on TVs in new train cars

Everyone, please, relax: The CTA has confirmed there will be NO audio on the TVs that will be set in place of the advertising cards in the rail cars to be put into service in 2010.

Also, they don't cost the CTA a dime because they'll be paid for by the advertising.

They'll be shielded by thick plexiglass, so they will be hard to vandalize. But I suppose if there's a will there's a way.

UPDATE: Rusty makes a good point in his comment that I want to re-emphasize here. It's the ad vendor's responsibility to repair/replace anything that might go wrong with these little TVs. So if they are vandalized, they will be replaced at their expense, not the CTA's.


The plexiglass I suppose would be hard to break, but that doesnt mean it cant get colored over. I don't know if you can describe anything as "hard to vandalize" with those stickers now-a-days

Of course someone will find a way to block the screens. At least our ears won't be vandalized. I was on a PACE bus a few weeks ago and couldn't turn my ipod up high enough to drown out the drone.

Nothing magic about plexiglass that keeps it from being vandalized. But it can be fairly easily replaced. (And I hope the replacement cost will be the responsiblity of the ad company, which they can pass along to advertisers rather than the responsibility of the CTA, and passed on to taxpayers.)

The plexiglass is no more likely to be vandalized (and indeed, probably less) than the section of a wall (or window) that it replaced. I have no idea why vandalism is something that even merits mention. Except for the occasional vandalism of platform advertising, there is almost none of it on the CTA.

I don't think I understand the update.

If a tv on a cta car is vandalized, isn't that a good thing for the riders?

Wouldn't it be even better if repair was the responsibility of some political hire at CTA, who never quite got around to making the repairs, but had his supervisor sign off on the fact that he did?

On a related transportation note, when that guy drove his SUV into the Channel 7 news studio on State Street the other week, I was disappointed to see he hadn't accidentally disabled that horrendous 5-story LED signboard Ch. 7 installed. LED signs should be illegalized by the same act of the legislature that blocks transit tv's.

Just my opinion.

Except for the occasional vandalism of platform advertising, there is almost none of it on the CTA.

I could be reading this wrong, but huh? There is TONS of vandalism on the CTA, what are you riding? Every day I see scratches, stickers, and marker tags on seats, walls, doors, windows, etc.

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