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The morning crowd livens up the train car

They are there nearly every morning, in the same fourth car, generally occupying the same seats, like other creatures of habit.

The six of them are always talking loudly, animatedly, across the aisle and over five seats. Two men and four woman. One guy is a fairly flamboyant guy man, both in dress, manner of speaking and words uttered about his sexual proclivities. He is around 40.

Three of the women are a bit older. One woman, who is mostly the quiet listener, is under 30. The other guy is around 40 also.

There's always some lively conversation, either about the news ("Did you read the Dorothy Tillman got herself thrown in jail this weekend?"), or their personal lives.

On this particular morning, the gay guy was explaining to the ladies the various steps in the 12 Step AA program. I gather they are all living in the same house in and outpatient treatment program.

"So, after you been there a month, then they let you go to meetings outside the house. But you gotta keep working the program, making your lists of people you've hurt and all that."

A woman talks about her experience outside the house, and how it's good to hear other people's stories. "And I was the lead in one of the meetings," she proudly announced.

God love them all, for bringing new life to a deadly dull morning ride, and for working the program and taking it one day at a time.


And God love you for shining some light on them. Remember if anyone you know has a desire to stop drinking and wants some help, they can go to chicagoaa.org and get someone who can help them find a meeting or someone who will do a 12-step call for them.

Nice the nice!

I've been commuting regularly on the CTA after a ten-year hiatus. While it's easy to complain about the odors, breakdowns, slow zones and the occasional crusted vomit, I've enjoyed the spontaneous conversations I've had with people over the last few months. Public transit is a great leveling factor and forces people who wouldn't normally meet to interact. Sometimes it's a bad thing, but sometimes it can be enlightening.

Keep coming back.

I had to go to the Loop today and ran into all these people on their way to the Ste. Patty's day parade. There was this group of people, all family and really healthy white middle class looking conforming types (not a bad thing - this is just what they were!). A young man had his little niece sitting with him in the place where the conductor will sit, that "cab" area, and the kid was trying to get on the floor and the young man's brother was there. I warned them that were they were sitting was where the winos liked to piss, "I guess because no one can see them when they whip it out". :) Oops, I shocked them, but I had been watching the kid touch everything and put her fingers in her mouth so I conveyed my concern emphatically. :) Those poor guys just ran away - I guess I shocked them. They were major out of towners, by the way, from one of the better, nicer corn fed states, I'm sure.

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