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"2nd-hand yak on the Purple Line"

Sun-Times transportation blogger Mary Wisniewski recently featured this "cell on the El" song written by a neighbor of mine, Claude Walker:

"2nd-hand yak on the Purple Line"

by Claude Walker

Sung to the tune of "Jumpin' Jack Flash", (apologies to Jagger/Richards, Weird Al Yankovic & Ron Huberman). Lyrics inspired by one-way conversations overheard on the CTA Purple Line.

I was born
With a cellphone to my ear.
El riders
It's me you have to hear.

Purple Liiiiiine Ride...now,
Cellphones grow like grass.
Shameless mopes...gab,
2nd-hand yak shows no class, class, class.

Well, my boss
Is a smelly, balding jerk.
I resent
That I even have to work!


My boyfriend
Cheats right beneath my nose.
I'm like, dude,
I think I need new clothes.


So you need
My Social Security?
Here it is
As loud as I can be.


I've got zits
All across my pretty face.
My rent's up
Gotta find another place.


Have you seen
The latest "Bachelorette"?
I don't need
No stinkin' etiquette.


Says "Be Considerate".
I don't care
Not even a little bit.


The Red Eye
Is the only thing I read.
Am I rude?
Talking loud will help me to succeed.


2nd-hand yak shows no class, class, class.
2nd-hand yak shows no class, class, class.
2nd-hand yak shows no class, class, class.


Four words: Earplugs. I don't hesitate.

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I had a similar experience... see for yourself!!! I wrote a little ditty about the yak yak chatty girls!!!


There's a privately run commuter bus company in New Jersey that only allows cell phone use in case of emergency. Drivers have stopped the bus until passengers get off the phone. The police have been called on a few occasions. If only CTA could do that.


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