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CTA's car-sharing program grows from 5 to 20 sites

The CTA last month greatly expanded the number of sites where riders can access I-GO and Zipcar vehicles. A total of 45 I-GO and Zipcar shares autos will be phased in over nine months starting in September at 20 CTA sites.

“The CTA is pleased to partner with I-GO and Zipcar to provide customers with travel options that benefit not only their budgets, but the environment as well,” said President Ron Huberman in a press release. "Studies also show that when located alongside public transit, car sharing services have been shown to increase transit ridership."

It's great to see the CTA in creative partnerships like this.

More from the release:

The two-year agreements expand the number of CTA sites where members can access I-GO or Zipcar vehicles at locations adjacent to or near public transportation. The CTA will earn approximately $88,000 from the lease agreements. The car locations:

Under ‘L’ Locations:
Areas under the ‘L’ tracks have been identified as car sharing parking, for exact locations visit the I-GO and Zipcar websites.

  • Blue Line: North to Concord, Caton to Wabansia
  • Brown Line: Western to Campbell, Western to Lincoln, Chestnut to Wendell
  • Green Line: 13th to 18th Street
  • Red Line: Thorndale Station, Addison Station, Lincoln/Wrightwood, Dakin to Sheridan, Roscoe to Cornelia

Park & Ride Locations:

  • Blue Line: Forest Park, Cumberland
  • Brown Line: Kedzie/Lawrence, Kimball
  • Orange Line: Midway, 35th/Archer, Halsted/Archer
  • Purple Line: Linden
  • Yellow Line: Skokie


I applaud the decision. As a user of ZipCar, I think this helps the CTA, the users of these services, as well as getting excess cars off the streets as some people decide they can go without a car. I've done it for 3 years and haven't looked back. However, having the ability to rent a car for a few hours is really beneficial to me.

Actually most I-Go cars are placed somewhere that's readily accessible from either an L station or a bus. When I first joined I had to take the train to get to the nearest cars. Now I have three cars w/i walking distance of my apartment, but if I wanted, I could take one bus to each of them.

Mr. Moderator, this post is an outrage. There is nothing to complain about in it! What are we all supposed to do today without anything to complain about???

Obviously you ought to retire from blogging immediately.

Are these the existing locations? I hope it's not proposed, since there is already a location at Thorndale.

Also, the Berwyn stop on the Red Line is right across from a Jewel that has IGo cars.

Well, where it says "Western to Campbell" you can't really put a car under the tracks. But there is a car very close to the Rockwell station.

There is parking under the Brown Line tracks between Artesian and Campbell. Six years ago I looked at a condo at Leland and Campbell. The listing stated it had parking. The building had neither a garage nor spaces in back. When I asked the listing agent where the parking was, she informed me that I could apply to park under the tracks for $50 a month. Needless to say, I bought elsewhere. I'm happy an I-GO car will be there since I sold my car a few weeks ago. The city never sent me a renewal form for my sticker and I took it as a sign from the transportation gods that it was time to set the car free.

Martha congrats at setting the car free. being a public transit rider and an I-GO member of over 2 years and now an I-GO employee for 3 months I must say I'm glad i sold my car 3 years ago too!

Walking away from Carmax with a fat check and my license plates caused a feeling of euphoria I haven't felt since I finished grad school. The conductors on the UP North Line never came to collect my fare on the ride home. This made my first truly transit-dependent ride extra fabulous.

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