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Stretch of Blue Line closed this weekend

Service on the Blue Line will be suspended this weekend from Belmont to Montrose so crews can replace rail ties, tie plates and spikes. Bus shuttles will operate between the station during the outage, from 9 pm Friday till 3 am Monday. Here's the press release.

Free seniors ride parody video. ViralChicago brings us this video "starring" Phil Ponce with a piece on the free rides program.

More coming from Coffee with Ron. Tune in next week for some more CTA tidbits from our Coffee with Ron last week. Plus, the CTA will answer questions submitted by you readers that I didn't have time to ask. We'll post those as we get them.


It's a good effort at having a little fun, a little hokey, and a little spooky as I had known a "Butterscotch lady" years ago. She's probably riding free for fun these days, still at it.

Does anyone know what's up with the red line closures this weekend and next? Bryn Mawr + some others are closed this weekend and Berwyn + some others are closed next weekend? Is this ongoing or a one off? I mean, I'm grateful for the new station improvements, but I'd like to know a bit more.

Molly: you can always find weekend/weekday work info on the CTA site under News --> Customer Alerts.

Bryn Mawr and Argyle are closed this weekend:


Gotta love the Violent Femmes playing over the credits. "Waiting for the Bus" is right up there with "Road to Nowhere" (Talking Heads) and "Subway Train" (NY Dolls) in the running for potential CTA theme songs.

Not trying to bust your chops, Kevin the Moderator, but the "actor" is impersonating Anthony Ponce, not his father Phil. You do know that the Ponce family is trying to establish citywide news hegemony, don't you? :)

Oops, you're right Martha. Thanks for the correction.

The video was a nice, creative piece. I hadn't heard the sound bites from the governor before and I'm still shaking my head. Yes, seniors do deserve a break that's why the CTA, Pace and Metra had discounts before. To now give seniors a total free ride regardless of need is irresponsible.

I love the comment from him where he says seniors have paid more than their fair share of taxes. How so? I firmly believe that the Governor is a sociopath. Listening to him speak always makes me realize how little a grasp on reality he has.

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