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Tactics for reducing bus gaps

We CTA riders call it bus bunching, but the CTA's President Ron Huberman refers to the problem as bus gaps.

"We're trying to attack the big gaps in bus arrivals -- managing the intervals," said Ron at a coffee Sept. 20 with CTA Tattler and a few aficionados. Huberman said he prefers to call the bunching problem a gapping problem because riders hate it when there are big gaps in buses caused by earlier bunching.

The No. 1 solution is bus maintenance -- getting the bus fleet into good repair. And Huberman said he CTA has made substantial progress -- in the last year, bus road calls are down substantially. In December of last year about 90 buses were of the street due to maintenance issues. That number is dropping as the CTA has leased new hybrid buses.

The second key solution is to have drivers leave the terminal on time. This sounds simpler than it is. Some drivers arrive back to the terminal late because of traffic problems. They have to get their break, and then they end up leaving later than scheduled. And sometimes it's just a discipline issue where the driver is poking along and must be disciplined to leave on time.

The third solution is to just fix/change the schedules. The CTA is learning more about true run times with the Bus Tracker GPS in place. So now they are adjusting those schedules and run times to better reflect reality, Huberman said. Drivers recently did a new run pick based on these new schedules.

And speaking of drivers, many folks here asked about drivers who text or eat or use the phone while driving. Huberman encourages you to call (888-968-7282) or write the CTA with the bus number, route, date and time. He confirmed that eating or drinking and using the phone while driving are against the rules. Even wearing a Bluetooth is not allowed while the bus is running.


KevinB Said:

"I've seen alot of work at the Belmont and Fullerton stations...what I've not seen is things like umm, roofs over the riders so they don't get wet while waiting for a train, I've seen dangerous wood planks waiting for the "glass blocks".... Evidently it didn't occur that rain and snow might be an issue and now they've had to go back and "re-engineer" for shelter."

KevinB, you were at the Coffee with Ron (yes, folks, I invited him), and you asked the question about why the canopies weren't longer.

And you got the answer from Ron: That they were in the original plans but they had to cut the budget and so they cut the canopies shorter.

And you also heard Huberman say there's $8 million in contingency funding and they hope to go back and lengthen those canopies.

I think it's fine to bitch about the short canopies, but not when you know the whole story.

Kevin-CTA Tattler

That and the fact that the canopies and other elements in the original design plans for the Brown Line had to be cut back because of the huge increase in cost of construction materials between the time they were drawn up and when construction actually started, not lack of adequate budgeting. The design for the Transit Hub being built at ground zero has been scaled back significantly since construction started. Despite those efforts officials are still anticipating final costs being several hundred million over the amended budget.


Guess you don't get the point. If there had been good planning in the first place for "functional stations" without all the "gold plating" then there should have been no need for "contingencies" and we could have had these stations much faster.

I didn't buy it when he said it at the coffee, don't buy it now.

As far as the wood planking, there is "placeholder planking" where glass blocks are "supposed" to go that is almost, if not a safety hazard. Again, I'm not the one who brought it up, but I've seen it. In fact I've tripped over it a couple times when transferring from Red to Purple trains.

It's major poor planning. They plan like this is some sort of Pollyanna world where everything is going to go perfectly and they are always going to get every bit of funding they ask for, things are not ever going to go over-budget and if it does, some sort of fairy-godmother is going to come in and fix everything by giving them the money they need. The "solution" is to throw more money to solve issues that could have been avoided with better planning and oversight. Money, BTW that could have been used for other purposes (other capital or operating expenses depending on what put of money it came from).

Contingency funds should be for things you couldn't have anticipated, not things that you darn well know you are going to need (like canopies).

Get Real. I'd like to have solid gold bathroom fixtures and I can plan for that all I like, but until I win the Lotto, I'm gonna have to go with Menards as plan B and I'm not going to be shocked and surprised when my ship doesn't come in and I'll do the best with what I have to get the result I need, not do it in some "half-assed", we'll throw money at it sort of way and hope we get some sort of good result.

Again, direct experience in dealing with Architects. Got a design for new site that had everything at angles because he "liked angles" and was "known" for his "angle designs". Made absolutely no sense and wasn't functional or realistic. He got sent back to the drawing board and came up with a less costly and more functional design.

Gee whiz, everyone seems surprised that the Legislature and the governor don't want to just give the CTA every bit of the money they need. I wouldn't trust them with my paycheck let alone 6 billion in capital funds.

If you look at the online trib today, they got LAMBASTED at a City Council Transportation subcommittee for the same kinds of things I and others are talking about like getting input from the public and actually taking it into consideration (instead of obligation or lip-service) or wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on pie in the sky projects and then having to "scale down" to something that doesn't even make sense (like stations without rain protection) because they "ran out of money"

Ron must think we are all stupid to buy some of his "explanations" and statistics.

He uses the same "logic" he's using to justify his police pension, flawed and downright ludicrous.

Quite frankly, I don't think we know "the whole story", just the "sanitized, sugar coated, we don't want anyone to get in trouble" story...


Not that our beloved transit president and members of the CTA board don't deserve a good grilling, but where was the City Council when Block 37 was being designed and funded? The outrage is valid, but they have only themselves to blame for rubber-stamping Mayor Mumble's grandiose plans and general neglect of the CTA until the IOC came around for a look-see.

Quite frankly, I don't think we know "the whole story", just the "sanitized, sugar coated, we don't want anyone to get in trouble" story...

No. I don't think so. Not for anyone who's looked at the budget for any public project... and quite a few private projects... for the last, oh, I don't know how many decades.

Original cost estimates that are made 5-10 years prior to the actual payments being made are, at best, guestimates. Anyone who can do this part with any accuracy gave up construction estimating long ago, and has retired to a Cyman Island resort with all the money they made from being able to forsee the future.

There are guidelines that have to be used when adding in for inflation, and guidelines for adding in what we might think of as a fudge-factor, too.

The result is almost always a low guess.

When construction actually begins, there will be all kinds of surprises. Everything from neighborhood protests, to funky soil conditions, to finding out that a standard size something is now really a custom-sized something.

As I recall, some of the biggest trade-offs that increased the cost were related to scheduling factors. Who really could anticipate this?

And those shorter canopies *are* the "plan B" you think didn't exist.

And while some of the last-minute changes have come after Ron took office, the budgeting, planning, and all the heavy lifting funding-wise took place before Ron even learned how to spell CTA.

If he actually finds funding to extend the canopies, I'll actually give him and his people credit for that one. But I might blast him for not using that money for something of more value if it could be.

Yes. Mark it on the calendar. I'm not blaming Ron for something. He's off the hook on this one in my book. But that's contingent upon him also not taking credit for all the things that went right as planned, too. If he's going to take credit for that stuff, then I'll have to turn around and blame him for the short canopies, too. His choice.

So I head over to the tracker just now to see what my commute's going to be like, and here's what I see:


I recant my observation that the tracker is always reliable for me. Even though I acknowledge that this is perfectly accurate.

Did it really look like your screen capture, Bob S.? That looks like the enormous pre-historic buses that were rumored to have been left by retreating glaciers. Maybe that's where the 4400s went....

That's awesome, Bob.

KevinB, I just have two questions for you:

1) What on earth are you talking about?

2) More importantly, what do shorter canopies have to do with whether or not 3-track will end?

KevinB: Please show me the "gold plating" that was in the original budget that you refer to. Then I will get your point.

rusty, you're the one with faulty logic, if it can even be called logic!

kevin b said he's waited up to 45 minutes for a 22, I said I waited 40 minutes for a 36, gave up & walked the rest of the way & at Clark/Devon I & six 36s arrived after 60 minutes. I've also waited 20-30 minutes for a 22 many times.

That was observable fact, not estimated times.

mike claims he's never waited more than 20 minutes, I believe him, but then states that it's impossible for there to be a longer wait because he never had to wait that long.

I said that all I currently see on Clark St. are New Flyer buses & apparently all the TMC 4400s are gone from Clark St..

If we go by the so-called logic of the two of you, then because I've never been pregnant, pregnancy is impossible.

Just because you don't see something doesn't mean it never happens.

That is my observation & I live just off Clark & can see what buses run by.

It's entirely possible that there are 4400s on Clark, but I, repeat I, haven't seen them.
I don't see them on the street, I don't see them at the Clark/Arthur turnaround, it appears, repeat, appears that they've been removed from the route. I can't watch 24 hours a day, but I can see it several hours a day.

Why only New Flyers?

My guess is that Bus Tracker is operable for 22, but the CTA is not allowing public use of it now because they're adjusting schedules & maybe adding buses to Clark St.

In fact it would be interesting to know how many buses are assigned to Clark as opposed to a year ago. Any buses added for the 3 tracking don't count as most didn't go the entire route.

I will also add that for the last couple of weeks I have not waited a great deal of time for a 22, which is why I believe additional buses are now operating on Clark.

Well, lets look at what could be considered "gold plating"

The glass blocks. I asked Ron at the coffee about this and it was supposed to allow "natural light" to get through to give the under area illumination. Well, after these guys are scratched up, covered by snow, ice, etc, exactly how much light are you going to have there? There are better ways to do this. I can't believe this is the only alternative for light. But what do you expect in planning from the staff who can't spell "Belmont" and still haven't put a CTA alerts into production. Instead of just getting the basics done and adding from there, we can't do anything unless we go the "whole hog", gold plated, do everything project and when we can't actually produce that, we fall back on a half-assed, it's the best we can do contingency plan(that we had to come up with overnight) because thats all we could do and don't expect us to plan for anything other than the whole hog.


Again, I like flowers. I like flower pots, but the way they are put at these stations, it's just downright ludicrous and not something the public should not be paying for(see my comments about Addison Brown line station--pics coming soon). If they want them there, then there are all sorts of opportunities for organizations like the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce and others to come in and provide those and other beautification projects. The station doesn't have to be a work of art. It can be a very functional station with art. There's a big difference and really a practical difference between the two.

Three: Just looking at the Belmont station, I can't understand why they are making it so long. I can understand making it so 8 car trains can get there for brown and purple but from what I can see of the construction, exactly why is there so much station north of Belmont? I bet that money could have been used to fund the canopies without dipping into the contingency fund.

I'm not blaming Ron completely, but where the heck was Carole Brown in all this? She acts like she was just an innocent bystander in all this and a poor victim. She's a lawyer. She should be used to dealing with sleazy, deceptive, underhanded people. I mean that's pretty well what they do every day, right?

I still think she should give back every dollar she got as board chairman since she's done a really crappy job.

For the most part, the money could have been used to update the stations with ADA compliant elevators and escalators and to make the stations structurally sound and more functional.

Instead of remodeling, we had to essentially destroy what was there before and come up with a monstrosity that is pretty well cobbled together, contingencied and downright not what we should have got.

Same logic was used to DESTROY the Washington street redline station and the strategic red/blue transfer point. But there we have no plan "B". We have a hole. A drywalled basement that cannot me used without massive infusions of cash that are never going to come. I don't blame Ron for the start of this project, but I do blame him for not putting it out of its misery as soon as he got in. Talk about a "bridge to nowhere", we now have the "hole to nowhere" smack dab in the middle of downtown.

If the red, brown, purple lines can be switched to the Northbound red line platforms over the weekends during construction between Belmont and Fullerton, then there is no earthly reason why the same thing couldn't be done for red line trains during rush hour and let the purple brown use the one SB track.

Ron has said that there are "reasons" for doing this and that it costs money to do that switching, but they have seem to have found the money for finishing 3 track early, so that explanation doesn't wash with me.

So, the whole three tracking thing would have been nothing more than a minor inconvenience during non-rush hours if they just made a small change during morning rush hour.

But, hey, the whole thing was not about lessening the impact on the customer, it was always about the money and getting people so ticked off that they would support anything that the CTA wanted in dealing with Springfield and would write letters and call their reps and attend protests.


Sorry KevinB, your lame examples don't exactly equate to "gold plaing" by my definition. Flower boxes and glass block walls? Gimme a break.

I say we start a fund to buy KevinB a car, so as to save us all from his endless bitching. Who's with me?

Take pity on Carole, KevinB. I believe her most recent real job was with Lehman. Her CTA board stipend may be her only income right now. :P

[Just looking at the Belmont station, I can't understand why they are making it so long. I can understand making it so 8 car trains can get there for brown and purple but from what I can see of the construction, exactly why is there so much station north of Belmont?]

The easy answer to this is, "to provide auxillary exits on the north side of Belmont."

At any rate, I'll have to look closer next time I'm there, but I don't recall the platforms being that much longer than the 8-car trains.

Otherwise, your capacity to stay angry at the water under the bridge is truly astounding. You have issues with the way 3-track was handled. We get it. But it's almost over now, and it's not relevant to this discussion anyway.

Wish list (minor item): Ron encourages riders to call the CTA if there are issues with the driver (eating, texting, etc) and to provide pertinent info one of which if the bus number. Unless I'm mistaken the bus number is always on the outside of the bus. It would be nice if the number was also on the inside of the bus.

I'm not talking glass block walls. I'm talking glass block FLOORS. The bright idea is that you WALK over clear glass blocks that are embedded in the platform of the Belmont and Fullerton Platforms. Right now, if you ever take the time to look at the ground on those platforms, you will see that part over the street has temporary rough wood planks that will at some point be replaced with glass blocks that will get scuffed, marred, covered with dirt, snow, ice, etc and won't really perform the function they were haphazardly designed for.

I do take issue with the 3 track handling, and until it's gone I'm going to complain that it was handled badly., horribly and most of all now is trying to be justified.

Want me to stop complaining? If Ron will admit publicly that all this mess could have been avoided using the NB red line platform, I'll shut up about it. I don't believe that it was that much of a hassle/expense and since they seem to have no problem doing it on a weekend for construction, the issues can't be that insurmountable. Other than not fitting into the "We need angry inconvenienced customers to vent their anger on the legislature to get more money".

My capacity to be angry is a direct result of the daily crap I've got to deal with DUE to 3-tracking....and quite frankly if Ron even gave a flying care about it, the time to get from Belmont to Fullerton wouldn't take as long as it does even with the 3 tracking. I still don't understand for the life of me (and this was the question I really wanted answered) why a red line train, with no red line train on the red line track between Belmont and Fullerton has to stop several times in that junction before it even gets up to the switch right in front of the Fullerton station....sometimes sitting past (North) the Diversey station for minutes at a time. It should leave Belmont and the next time it stops should be in the Fullerton station unless it has to stop at the switch for a brown or purple line train, just before it goes into the Fullerton station....no where else should it have to stop if there's no other red line train there.

We've heard that 3-track is almost over. Do I have alot of confidence that it will be anytime soon? Nope, not based on other estimates of when things will be done. Like the Fall 2008 opening of the Washington street Redline station...I'll believe it when the fat lady sings and I don't even think she is warming up yet.

Poor Carole. I feel very sorry for her. Maybe she can do her CTA job now and do it will a little more detail and attention. She can't say she doesn't have the time now.

Thanks for the offer for the car. If you want to throw Gas and Parking downtown in there too, I'll be happy to accept. A driver would be nice too :)

Make my 3 track pain go away. It's adding insult to injury to try to justify why it wasn't done differently when the proof that it can be done that way has happened most of the last 3 or 4 weekends during the re-route to that NB red line platform.


Oh, for chrissakes, this isn't even funny anymore. Is this ctatattler.com or is it kevinbtantrum.com?

Honestly? glass block floors and flower pots and sometimes trains go slow? Honestly? Who gives a $hit?

The adults who post to this blog would like to have a serious conversation once in a while that doesn't include foot-stomping and shouts of "Why, why why, now, now, now, me, me, me!"

It would be nice if the number was also on the inside of the bus.

It is. Above the windshield.

"For the most part, the money could have been used to update the stations with ADA compliant elevators and escalators and to make the stations structurally sound and more functional."

Methinks you've forgotten the big purpose of the construction: making Brown Line stations 8-car compatible. The outer platforms at Belmont and Fullerton were not capable of safely berthing 8-car trains. So the platforms needed to be extended. To do so, track and structure needed to be destroyed and rebuilt.

So, sorry, it wasn't as easy as laying some new planks and building elevators.

It would be nice if the number was also on the inside of the bus.
It is. Above the windshield.

Rusty - is this the bus run number?

No, it's the bus number, not the run number.

However, date, time, route, location, and bus number is more than enough. Bus number, date and time would be enough.

There's only one bus with each equipment number. Based on the bus number, date and time, they can easily determine what route it was on, what run it was on, and who was driving it.

[I still don't understand for the life of me...]

But - and this is a key point here - YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT. In other words, you not understanding is a *reason* for you to let it go. Because you don't understand!

[We've heard that 3-track is almost over. Do I have alot of confidence that it will be anytime soon? Nope...]

That's your call, obviously. But understand that this reflects more poorly on you than the CTA.

And understand, I'm with you on the Washington station. It's a disgrace to me that it's a big hole in the ground. But - again, I'll capitalize, since it's a key point - IT'S A DIFFERENT PROJECT, WITH DIFFERENT ISSUES.

It's simply not logical to say, one project went bad so they all will. Unless, that is, you reason like a four-year old.

Again, I'll repeat my desperate plea to you to open your eyes and see the work being done at Belmont and Fullerton. It's almost finished! At this point, it doesn't even require any faith to believe it will open.

It's almost done!

Just a note, I was at Belmont tonight, and as I thought, the platforms aren't any longer than usual.

No, it's the bus number, not the run number.

Thanks, Rusty. I may be comparing apples and oranges but I have called PACE about a bus driver and they wanted the run number not the bus number. I've never called CTA about a bus driver so I'm looking for clarification.

Oh, for gosh sakes. Considering how far apart PACE buses run, date, time, route, location, and direction of travel should be enough for them to identify any bus driver. And certainly the bus number ought to clinch it.

If you have all that information, and someone says they can't help you because you didn't get the run number, they deserve to be reported, too. That's just outright incompetence that shouldn't be tolerated from any public agency.

They know damn well who was driving any particular bus at any given time with or without the run number.

"Make my 3 track pain go away. It's adding insult to injury to try to justify why it wasn't done differently when the proof that
it can be done that way has happened most of the last 3 or 4 weekends during the re-route to that NB red line platform."


See, KevinB, this is but one example where your failed capacity for logic is disturbingly evident.

You take one, true fact or situation and then try to apply that condition or logic across a spectrum of unrelated or different events -- and then complain that people don't see what you see.

However, part of your quoted post is accurate.
You are right.
Yes, I said it.
Let me repeat it. You are right that the reroute to the northbound platform for the last few weekends has been successful has been successful in handling all traffic on one platform.

Again, you are right. I don't want to be someone who can't see through your murky arguments to find small bits of common sense.

Now on to the huge flaw in your capacity for rational thinking. What works on a weekend is NOT going to work during weekly rush periods when the traffic is double, even triple (add in Purple Express) what you see on a weekend.

Then, we should address your engineering expertise about the redesign of the Belmont and Fullerton stations. One main thing had to happen. The platforms had to be widened to make room for elevators mandated by ADA. This meant that both platforms could not stay exactly where they were and still allow room for wider platforms and two sets of tracks in between. One platform had to move east or west. No other options. And you should further understand that this had to be done at Fullerton by the end of 2009 - even if the Brown Line Capacity Expansion project never existed. This meant there would be track alignment and reconfiguration and reductions in the tracks and platforms available for service - unless of course, you would prefer that they simply closed those stations and truncated service at stations adjacent.

Why not? You would still have something to complain about.

Those glass floors you complain about? Yes, they do seem to defy logic. However, as someone who has probably followed this plan from the inception, surely you realize that those floors were added in at neighborhood request (after initial designs were submitted) because the neighbors felt the wider platforms created too dark-of-an-overpass over the streets. But you know that, because you are well-informed. And you know that they don't plan to use standard glass block, but rather a material that had been used and tested in similar pedestrian walking situations.

I'm not blaming Ron completely, but where the heck was Carole Brown in all this? She acts like she was just an innocent bystander in all this and a poor victim. She's a lawyer. She should be used to dealing with sleazy, deceptive, underhanded people. I mean that's pretty well what they do every day, right?

Again, a fact that is patently untrue. Some might call it a lie. (you would). Carole has an MBA in management, but no JD.

I'm sure you'll brush off your error by saying that Carole's degree isn't really germane to the issues at hand. You're right. (I'll admit it.)

What is germane to the issue at hand, however, is that you make up things to suit your arguments. This is but one more example.

And then you whine that people don't see things as "clearly" as you. Thank goodness for that.

I still wonder if KevinB has ever been to the Sedgwick Brown Line station more than once. He complains endlessly about the flower boxes in front of what could be an auxiliary exit...yet never responds to the fact that it's just never a busy stop. And extra exits are never, ever needed. But, there are flowers blocking what could be an unnecessary exit! The CTA won't answer to that!!

In fairness, KevinB is complaining about the flower boxes in front of the Addison station. And they are in the way, truthfully.

His complaint about Sedgwick is that there are no exit-only gates in the station house. Why this makes a difference, I do not know, since no one ever uses the exit-only gates anyway because they slow things down and promote bottle-necking. And even if they did use them, it would still be busy at rush hour, because stations are busy at rush hour.

But, if you spend enough time looking for things to complain about, you eventually find them. I guess.

I'm still waiting to hear why my logic on using the NB red line platform wouldn't work.

SB red line trains would use the NB Re line platform during rush hours.

SB Brown and Purple line trains would use the SB platform that is being used for all trains during 3-tracking. They already do this. No change in behavior, they just wouldn't have to compete with Red line trains for the same platforms or switches coming out of belmont or coming into fullerton.

The only switching involved would be to redirect the red line trains traveling SB to the NB platform during rush hours. Exactly how complex would that be? They each already have their own track between belmont and fullerton. They would through the switch once at 7am or whenever they start rush hour and throw it back at 9am (or whenever they stop it). That seems pretty complex even if you had to manually have someone do it. As far as the NB traffic, it would be a minor inconvenience during those 2 hours but it would be just like 3-tracking was earlier in the year during phase 1.

I understand that if you wanted to transfer you'd have to go from one platform to the other, but when it takes me 8-12 minutes to get from Belmont to Fullerton on a red line train in the morning, I'd make the effort.

This morning, I left Belmont in a red line at 8:36 and with no red line train in front of us and only one brown line train on the other track at diversey the train pulled into fullerton at 8:48. My question is why. When you stop several times for no reason and then have to wait for a brown line train that you had passed once, that's what happens.

Also, guess you don't read the tattler very often. I recounted one of my adventures where I got off at the Sedgewick station and watched an older lady almost get trampled as she was trying to enter. It's not empirical data like the 12 minute thing above, but when there is a traffic jam trying to get out of the station even when there is no incoming, you can bet that if they were available, people would be using the exit only gates if they were there. It's just human nature. Also, they could make one or two of the present turnstiles entrance only like they do at other stations (Howard is a good example).

From my experience at Addison Redline station, people use the exit gates all the time on both sides of the street. Observe a little before you make generalizations. I don't make a statement without a little bit of legwork. Besides how can you say that they wouldn't use something if they don't even have the choice.

Also, as far as the Belmont station, I was talking about the big supports that are still under construction way north side of belmont, in back of the Leonas which is almost halfway up the block to school. They already have enough platform for 8 cars, so I'm wondering why you need all that real estate over there. Probably need room for more art. It was more of a question than a complaint. I'm a very curious guy.


"In fairness, KevinB is complaining about the flower boxes in front of the Addison station. And they are in the way, truthfully."

He complains endlessly about the fact that, at the Sedgwick Brown Line station, there could be additional exits, instead of the flower boxes/plants that are there instead. Regardless of the fact that the Sedgwick Brown Line station is never, ever that busy, that he has one sad story about some old lady that almost got ran over because someone was exiting through a turnstile, and she tried to walk through at the same time. Which could happen every day at pretty much every station on the entire El system...it doesn't mean it's a deficiency of that particular station.

I've really never had a significant delay due to three-tracking, other than on the weekends (when it's acceptable), but apparently KevinB has the most awful commutes ever, always..

Must be cursed then.

Today, I took a red line in as I missed the 8:17 purple line.

Didn't get to Belmont until 8:50 after leaving at 8:25. Many delays between Sheridan and Belmont. Heard the "beep, beep, been 12 times" in that short stretch..

Left belmont at 8:51. Stopped between belmont and wellington, stopped again at wellington, stopped again between wellington and diversey. then stopped at diversey next to a brown line train letting off passengers at diversey. Brown line train pulled out. We stood there. Stopped again between Diversey and fullerton.

Stopped one last time at switch right before fullerton and met up with brown line train again.

This is all with no other red or brown line trains in or waiting to get into fullerton. Was in front car so I could see ahead.

Pulled into fullerton at 9:03am

Elapsed time from Belmont to Fullerton, 12 minutes.

On another interesting note, it only took me 13 minutes to get from Fullerton to Lake (5 stations, a couple miles apart) which is one minute more than it took me to get from one station to another (less than a mile apart).

I'd be happy if this was the exception. It's not. I'm spread-sheeting it starting this week since my veracity has been called into question. Yesterday was 8 minutes through the junction

Also, if this Segdwick thing is such a smart deal, let's make them all both ways, starting with Howard street station. I wonder how long that would last. I related one story about a bad situation. Bet a days pay that if someone actually observed the situation, the problem would be much more apparent.


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