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Blue Line, Loop El work continues; Ron drops cop pension plea

Same ol' same ol' when it comes to this weekend's repair work. The Lake and Wabash branch of the Loop elevated tracks will be closed again for repairs this weekend, from 10 pm Friday till 4 am Monday. And Blue Line service will be suspended between Belmont and Montrose from 9 pm Friday till 3 am Monday.

Shuttle buses will operate on the Blue Line. All elevated trains will travel on the Wells and Van Buren portions of the Loop tracks.

Also, the Jarvis Red Line station will be closed from 1 am Saturday to 4 am Monday. This pitiful station will get a much-needed facelift, including ceiling demolition, painting, and other interior rehabilitation. Rogers Park riders should use the adjacent Morse and Howard Street stations.

Interesting how the start and end times vary on all the jobs. Details here on all the above.

"People with Disabilities Ride Free" starts Friday. People with disabilities who are enrolled in the state's Circuit Breaker program can ride the CTA, Metra and Pace buses and trains beginning Oct. 24. These folks must use their their RTA Reduced Fare Permit to ride. Go here to get more info and learn how to get the permit.

Huberman drops police pension effort. In the face of harsh criticism from the Fraternal Order of Police, CTA President Ron Huberman has decided to ditch his effort to continue paying into his police pension, the Sun-Times reports.


Hey Kevin, any news on the status of the signal upgrade portion of the Loop project? Ya know, the one that was pushed back at least a year and was already over budget?

What I don't understand is why they can't just close the Jarvis station permanently. You can see Howard from the Jarvis platform after all. Last summer, my train was delayed at Jarvis, so I just got off and walked to Howard and caught a Purple Line train before the train I was on arrived. It really isn't that far.

Eliminating Jarvis would create a huge gap between Howard and Morris.

There isn't any street or station named Morris!
It's Morse & it's pronounced as a single syllable.

My bad. Howard and Morse are nearly a mile apart.

I'm assuming the Jarvis station dates back to a time where the Howard Terminal was probably so crowded that a station was built close by in an effort to discourage use of the Howard station by neighborhood residents and leave Howard available for riders transferring to and from trains from other areas. However, even accounting for the recent jump in ridership, the L doesn't have as many riders in 2008 as it did in 1948. Having a stop at Jarvis simply makes no sense at all.

A one-mile gap between stops is not that much of a problem. Other train lines have even wider gaps between stations. On the Dan Ryan portion of the Red Line, all of the stops are at least one mile apart.

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