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Comment truncating problem resolved

We have fixed the problem where comments in some longer threads were suddenly cut off. We've changed our templates.

Now you will notice that longer threads are paginated, and you'll have to click "Next" to view the next page of comments.

Sorry for the temporary inconvenience. Now, Rusty can continue his discussion over here.

And the best news -- you can now read page after page of wierd shit that people have seen on the CTA at crazy commuting stories.


Clicking next just takes you to the next page. There should be a "last" option or something. Nobody is going to click through 200 pages to get to the newer comments.

Sorry. I asked Typepad to add a "Last Page" button and they said they are not planning to now, but will put it on the list of future enhancements.

Dave - you can change the page number in the URL after 'page' to jump around quickly. Not ideal, I know, but it works.

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