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Problems detected with some comments

Quite a few people have noted that recently I've had some problems with some comments dropping off posts, almost randomly.

For instance, the latest "crazy commuting tale" is dated back in 2005. That's just wrong. I even had Rusty advancing some sort of conspiracy theory about me.

This is from a Rusty comment that somehow didn't get published because of the problems: "Anonymous, I think you are right. The comment count for that thread shows 105 comments, but I only count 51 there, with a large number of them mising. Of course Kevin can do what he wants with his blog, but it's too bad he waited until things quieted down, and then trimmed it before archiving without even a mention of how he changed history, or why. That part disappoints me."

Well Rusty, I really hate to disappoint you, but you can take your conspiracy theories elsewhere. I didn't delete any comments. And I'm looking into what the problem is. I do know that Typepad, my blogging software, underwent an upgrade last week. And leading up to the upgrade, Typepad warned that those of us using advanced templates might see some funkiness. And we have.

Rest assured that my brother Dan, who designed the templates, is looking into it.

Meanwhile, back off, Rusty. And while I'm commenting on commenters -- to Unindicted C0-Conspirator: Stop calling other people here "moron" and other names. I've asked you before not to call names. No one should. Nuff said.

Thank you.

UPDATE: OK, apologies to Rusty. I just saw that he wrote another comment that didn't get posted that he recognized that perhaps it's not me at all deleting comments and could be the blogging software. Thanks.


As far as I remember you have never asked before, so don't go lecturing on some newly made up line!

That's great UCC. Glad to see you've agreed to be civil in your comments on this blog.

Sorry for initially thinking that you decided to excercize your perogative to delete anything you want from your blog. My only issue (before I realized it was a software problem) was that I expected you'd have posted an explaination of why you deleted stuff. (That *was* a pretty heated thread.)

But as soon as that comment didn't appear, either, it became obvious that something got messed-up, and the number of comments suddenly were limited to 50 in new, old and every thread in between. My bad for jumping to the wrong conclusion the first time.

Considering the names I've been called in the past, I think I've been more than civil!

I personally don't have a problem with being called names, but Kevin did tell you to knock it off after you called me "fucking idiot" and "asswipe" (in the same comment).


I mean, you know. Like I said, I don't personally mind, but I know how much pride you take in your perfect memory.

Thanks Strannix. I knew I had warned UCC before but I just couldn't remember where.

Now you two should take this outside. Cage fight!

I know you warned posters before, Kevin. It was around the time I made the leap from lurker to poster. I appreciated the gesture since so many blogmasters seem to like to incite pissing contests among posters.

That could be a way to raise extra CTA funds! Set up a cage fight and charge to see two of the Tattler frequent comment contributors go at it!

Before I agree to any such thing, I want to see 300 words from Rusty on whether the cage fights would indeed bring in the expected revenue.

We have a cage here at work, if anyone wants to borrow it.

Cheryl, I'm imagining that you work either at the zoo, in a police station, or at a trendy bar with go-go dancers. Inquiring minds want to know.

I think the go-go dancers would bring in more revenue than a cage fight unless gambling is legalized.

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