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Public hearing Wednesday on CTA budget; Chicago Card data helps nab rapist

The CTA holds its only public hearing on the 2009 budget and fare increase this Wednesday, Oct. 29, at 6 pm at the CTA headquarters, 567 W. Lake St.

You can download a PDF of the 88-page budget document here.

Stolen Chicago Card ties suspect to two rapes. The Trib reports that a suspect in one rape used the stolen Chicago Card from his victim to later board a bus, where he found a second alleged victim. Excellent detective work!

CTA Tattler opines on Outside the Loop radio.
Check out the podcast interview with yours truly by the folks at Outside the Loop Radio. We stand outside the Morse Red Line station and discuss the latest budget, proposed fare increase, and crime on the CTA.


Kudos to CPD for being smart enough to track down this scumbag using the CTA card. Last year another rapist dropped his keys at the scene, and was tracked using his Jewel fob.

A single public hearing? Considering the cascade of news (most of it bad) coming out of the CTA, and their supposed shift towards better communication and customer input, this seems like a pretty big gaffe.

Fare increases. Block 37. Loop track & signal repair work. Brown Line rehab status/three-tracking. Bus tracker. Blue Line slow zone work. Free rides for seniors, military, low-income disabled.

Lots of issues, but only one opportunity to provide input and feedback. Very poor planning.

It's not poor planning, it's deliberate planning!
Do you actually think Daley wants the public to have any say in anything?
Watch out, you probably won't even get in the meeting.
All the space will be filled up with CTA employees ordered to show up & take up space.

A PBS show on London having cameras everywhere noted that in one serial rape case, the perp was found by tracing the victim's Oyster Card. Therefore, this is not a new technique.

As far as the "one hearing" is concerned, it is on the budget. The only issues listed by Doc that is relevant and within the CTA's control on that topic is fare increases. I'm sure that if CTA wanted to hold a general gripe session, it would.

A public hearing isn't the only chance people have to provide input on the CTA budget. And generally, unless you're trying to create a news event, a public hearing is not the best way to be heard, either.

The advantage of a public hearing is you can address the whole board at one time. The disadvantage is you're not establishing a dialog with any one board member.

If there is a particular issue that you really want addressed, you need to do your work long before the point that a proposed budget has been created, and is sent to public hearing.

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