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CTA launches RSS feeds for every train and bus line

My brother Dan O'Neil, founder of CTA Alerts and CTA Tweets, posted about the RSS feeds on the new CTA feeds over at his blog, Derivative Works.

He saw the preview Monday night with me and also writes about some of the changes at the CTA to support these feeds.

Check it out. And I like his ending promise: "Look for these feeds to be pumped into their appropriate CTA Tweet feeds soon."


The link to the post about the RSS feeds is broken.

This is a great idea, but the RSS feed (for #12 anyways) isn't up to date. I just got off the Roosevelt bus (#12) where they were playing an announcement about a route change beginning 12/28 that the #12 will no longer go to Museum Campus. The bus will stop at 16th & Indiana and people going to the museums will have to transfer to the #146 on State St. This is the first I'd heard of it. That is a major bummer for anyone trying to get to or from Museum Campus.

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