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Top Tattler Tales of 2008: August - more car-sharing sites, and crazy Tattler tales

August was a relatively slow month for CTA news, but I did post more than the usual crazy commuting stories.

The month started with news that the CTA was expanding the number of sites where riders can access I-GO and Zipcar vehicles. Then Mayor Daley told us "we have a lot to learn" before hosting the 2016 Olympics after he rode a subway in Beijing.

I mostly ride the CTA rails, but I was visiting my Mom in the hospital in August when I truly discovered the beauty of CTA's Bus Tracker. Lovely.

Also in August, we got the first warnings of the coming fare hike. And there was a fun report of the top tunes on Ron Huberman's iPod.

On the crazy commuting tales front, we told you about the compulsively clean guy,  andthe "2nd hand yak" on the Purple Line. Finally, I told you about what happens when the teenaged sobber meets the motorman's ire.

Be safe this New Year's Eve.


In regards to the photo of the drummers in the tunnel between State & Dearborn, why won't the CTA & the cops kick them out of there?
The tunnel is narrow enough & these clowns are blocking over half of its width!

Why don't you tell them?

Not to mention the fact that the bucket boys playing in the subway also block the ability to hear and think and resist homicidal impulses.

Do you mean I should tell the CTA & the cops or should I get into a fight with these guys?
Any fool can tell they're blocking it & could cause someone to get hurt.
Since we've been told repeatedly that someone from the CTA reads this blog, I would hope they saw this & will remove these people blocking the tunnel.
There used to be a couple of bums that did this begging for money a number of years ago & finally they were removed because they blocked the tunnel.

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