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Video from CTA No Pants Day Chicago 2009

Improv Everywhere enjoyed another successful No Pants Day on the CTA in Chicago Saturday. I uploaded this video from Improv's Facebook page. Good stuff. Congrats to all participants on a cold, snowy day.


What's so earthshaking about this? Here in Illinois, we see politicians whose metaphorical pants are around their ankles all of the time! Of course, one could argue that we never see THEM on the subway...

Congrats for what? Taking their pants off on the train? Walking around in cold weather with no pants? Congrats? Really?

I knew things were bad out there but I didn't know we lowered our pride threshold that much.

"Hey, you're not wearing pants! Way to go! You're a true American hero!"

I like how in most of the footage the fully clothed riders seem to be ignoring the no-pants crowd. I'm sure it's fun and all that but it seemed juvenile the first time and hasn't gotten any less so since then. Mindless "fun" is more out of touch in these trying times than ever. I know some will argue that we all need to blow off some steam, but there are more socially useful and less narcissistic ways to do it. I'll bet the no-pantsers are sure glad CTA has ramped up that deep clean schedule on the Red Line!

You guys are a bunch of bah-humbugs. They are just having fun.

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