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Some clever bus ad wrap ideas for the CTA

Since the CTA signed a deal with Titan Worldwide to sell advertising space on trains, buses, platforms and now digital advertising, I think Titan's been doing a good job with some innovative campaigns.

But it can always do better. And Toxel.com has some great ideas from around the globe. (Thanks to Bob for the tip.)

For instance, the CTA, like this Holland bus company, needs to keep tellng its riders to keep buses (and trains) clean:


Laid-off job-seekers in this rough economy may need this reminder:


And here's a harsh reminder that you will never win a battle against a bus:


Finally, proof that you can put an ad just about anywhere:



I guess my question about the Brazilian or Portuguese bus ad is does the bus get under way more quickly than the el after a suicide? If so, then I think it would be great to use these ads to encourage people to off themselves this way rather than by stepping in front of a train.

[Note to the tender-hearted - my comment was just a sarcastic way of pointing out that this ad could have unintended consequences. I'm not serious, so no need to flame me for my callousness.]

Can anyone figure out where they removed 1470' of 15mph slowzone on the North Main Line? Looking at this map, I can't tell.




good question. i can't find it either.

I don't see it either, Chris, although going by my own experience it may be referring to a section of Track 2 between Loyola and Granville. Most of the distance between those two stations has run faster over the past couple of weeks than it used to.

After the jumper from marina City yesterday these comments are sad.

It's a reality of life that sometimes, some people will commit suicide. The Ads make light of that. More importantly, one factor of effective advertising is the ability to garner attention, and these ads certainly serve that purpose.

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