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Many happy returns: Lost on the 151 and found by driver

Here's a note of good cheer from Tamara to kick off the weekend:

The CTA REALLY helped me out, and Lord knows they get plenty of grief when things goes wrong on a daily basis:

This morning I was on my way to work on the 151 bus. Ten minutes after I got off, I realized my wallet was not in my purse - it had likely fallen out when I was rummaging for chapstick. After pausing to kick myself, I called the CTA's main line and within 30 seconds was talking with the lost and found department. They connected me to Jim at the bus garage, who took my information and paged all drivers on the 151 route.

I really didn't expect to see my wallet again, or my credit cards, driver's license or the several gift cards and cash inside. Yet, less than three hours later, Virgina from the Kedzie garage called to tell me that driver Ms. D. Dodd found my wallet, untouched right underneath my seat. Everything - every dollar - was still inside.

The CTA (especially Jim, Virginia and Ms. Dodd) was organized, courteous, honest and professional. They acted quickly and followed up promptly. The buses may often run late, the trains may break down, but today I am extremely grateful for the CTA.

To a pleasant Good Friday commute. Here's to a pleasant commute today and a great weekend. With fewer people working today -- Good Friday on the Christian calendar -- and Chicago and other schools on spring break, I'm thinking we should have a smooth, fast commute. And you might even get a seat.

Watch out for the helicopter lift! The #4 Cottage Grove and #60 Blue Island/26th will undergo a termporary reroute from 8 till 11 am Saturday. The CTA explains why in a very short weekend service alert:

"Buses are rerouted due to a helicopter lift at 200 E. Randolph."


what the heck is a "helicopter lift"

Instead of a crane, they use a helicopter to lift equipment to the roof of a building. Last example was when the Trump Tower spire was installed.

"Helicopter lift" sounds like one of those bizarre strongest man contests ESPN2 uses to fill up airtime that isn't being used by actual sports.

They often use helicopters to deliver new air conditioner units. For an existing building, there really is no other way to deliver it. They always make them do it on holidays, weekends, etc.

It's a shame that no one makes any comments when there is a good story about the CTA...but ya'all sure know how to rag and bitch and moan about everything else !

Old Redhead,

What is there to comment about? A woman lost her wallet and then got it back after contacting lost & found. Big deal. I must say I am glad we haven't seen any silly comments on the level of "Oh, this is just wonderful that a CTA employee recovered the wallet from the bus and gave it to its owner. She should receive a medal or a reward". When an employee finds something valuable he or she is supposed to make sure it gets turned in to the proper place so that it can get recovered by the owner. I am not a huge fan of praising people for doing what they are supposed to do. In fact, if the driver had done anything else with the wallet it would be theft. That is a crime. Anybody who praises somebody for not commiting a crime obviously has very low standerds for human beings in general.

Unfortunetely, you do see people praise individuals for that reason. I've seen news stories where cab drivers are treated as heroes because they tracked a customer down to return a large amount of money they left in the cab. The customer then actually gives the driver a reward for doing this and then the television stations send camaras to this congratulatory event as if the driver was doing a great selfless act. In fact, if he had done anything else it would be stealing and he would have been caught. Those things drive me crazy. When I saw this post in the morning I was concerned there was going to be people making comments of that nature. I am glad there haven't been. It gives me a bit more faith in people's capacity for common sense. I'm not sure why you apparently don't view that as a positive, Old Redhead.

"It's a shame that no one makes any comments when there is a good story about the CTA."

Maybe you should drop in more than once in a blue moon. There are plenty of positive comments about CTA when it's warranted. Maybe you missed the recent discussion about the Nicest Motorman/Train Operator.

The problem is, Red, that if one is perceived to be too pro-CTA that sentiment is suspect, which has more to do with the long history of graft and corruption at CTA rather than any of us regular riders and our way of seeing the transit world.

Keep an open mind about what you read here. Some of it is based in fact and some in fantasy. The important thing is that many who post here regularly have been riding the system for many years and know where of we speak.

When was your first ride? I hope you're not like the kiddies who were bitching up a storm about CTA on the Red Line the other day and, upon closer examination, it was revealed that they had moved here from Cleveland in January.

This is off topic.What's with those blinding flashing advertisements on the side of the Lincoln Ave. bus ?

You may want to be more specific, James, if you want anybody to have any idea as to what you are talking about. What were the ads for? What about them caused you to have that reaction? And how did they blind you?

I've seen those ads, too. They are apparently the test-run for the LCD screens and are way brighter than I expected -- to the point where you can hardly read them without sunglasses.

Last week was great commuting with all the kids off school.

[It's a shame that no one makes any comments when there is a good story about the CTA...but ya'all sure know how to rag and bitch and moan about everything else !]

This is another comment that demonstrates the need for some kind of Irony Alert software. What you're bitching and moaning about how other people bitch and moan. Plus, you're using the occasion of a positive story as an explicit justification for expressing a negative opinion about the Tattler community, as it were.

I wish I were a software engineer. Someone's going to invent this someday, and it's going to revolutionize the internet.

But if someone happens to bitch and moan about the Irony Alert software at the exact moment that it's detecting the irony of a positive story being used as the occasion for a bitch-and-moan about Tattleropolis bitching and moaning, it's possible that it could go into an infinite irony loop and crash the internet forever.

Which would be ironic.

(I should probably go home now.)

Okay, I know I'll get blasted again for this, but to answer Martha's question, I've been making a round trip commute from my home in the Cragin/Avondale area to downtown via the bus and the Red Line 5 days a week for over 18 years. Thus the "old" in my name.

Agree about the blinding ads on the sides of the buses - I've seen a few on the Broadway bus too. In fact, (and hope I won't get yelled at for this) I was sitting in a bar one evening and the darn ad lit the whole place up as though it was closing time... (it was only about 10:30!)

No yelling from me, NikKid. I was walking up Lincoln after sunset yesterday and my peripheral vision was obliterated by a passing 11. The lit-up bar phenomenon you speak of is similar to eating at Ben Pao across from the very busy firehouse at Illinois and Dearborn. When the engines and trucks pull out on a job it's like disco lights in the dark restaurant. Very festive.

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