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Male book readers this time outnumber the gals

The CTA reader guys have rallied and overtaken the women in the latest CTA Tattler UNscientific poll on who's reading what on their commute.

Last month, you may recall I reported seeing 21 El readers, and 17 of them were women. I encouraged guys to put down their RedEyes and Blackberry devices and show the women that they know how to read. And boy did they ever.

This time, 17 out of 29 people I observed reading in the last month were men. Here's what they all were reading:

A People's History of the United States - man in his early 30s
The Ball is Round; A Global History of Soccer - guy in his early 30s
The Bible - guy in his late 30s
Rabbit, Run - woman late 20s
Super Crunchers - woman in her late 50s
Identity Crisis - guy in his 30s (alternating reading with CTA map)
Crime and Punishment - guy in his 50s
The AA Blue Book - guy in his 20s
The Life of Elizabeth I - woman in her 30s
No title - guy in upper 20s
No title - woman in mid-20s
Sony Kindle Reader (no title) - guy in his mid-40s
No title - gal in her mid-20s
Twelfth Night - guy in his 30s
The Women - gal in her 30s, sitting next to guy in his 50s I mentioned last time reading the same book
No title - guy in his late 30s
Desire - woman in her 60s
Work and Love - woman in her early 30s
The Bible - guy in his mid-30s
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl - girl in late teens
The Collector - woman in her mid-20s
A Portrait of the Artist - guy in his early 30s
The Overlook - woman in her early 30s
The Savage Detectives - guy in his late 30s
The Shack - guy in his late 20s
Ghost Train to the Eastern Star - guy in his late 50s
A Year in Provence - woman early 30s
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - guy in late 20s
Engaging the Muslim World - guy in his upper 30s


Amazon's gonna be pissed that you referred to it as a "Sony Kindle." Just sayin'...

So some guy's trying to find his identity in a book and wanting to figure out which L stop is closest to it. Cool.

"Ghost Train to the Eastern Star"

Is it really a good idea to read a book with this title while riding in the subway? Methinks perhaps not. But then I've been enjoying a retelling of the deadly Iroquois Theater fire for a little light reading.

You know what I'd really like to read? I'd like to read the forthcoming letter from the Chairman and President that's been promised on the CTA website since R-Rod was anointed. There's no longer a lightening rod at the helm at CTA. No Uncle Frank, no RonH. Just some guy who doesn't communicate. The Tattler isn't the same without someone in charge that riders care enough to loathe.

Sony makes the Digital Reader, Amazon makes the Kindle. That is assuming it wasn't the iRex iLiad or the Hanlin eReader. :-P

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