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Motorman's entreaties to passengers pay off; and he really likes us!

The Red Line motorman starts to get chatty with instructions as we head south during the morning commute.

Between North Avenue and Clark and Division, he implores standing passengers to move into the middle of the cars and away from the doors. He warns that more people would be boarding soon. He also asks people to step off the train to let people more quickly exit at their stops. "Don't worry, I'll wait for you to get back on board."

Between Chicago and Grand, he is quite pleased with our compliance:

"Aw, nice job you guys. I knew you could do it. I really like CTA passengers. You are the best."

It's usually good to like your customers.


Is it customer or passenger? If it is passenger because of the public transit nature, then are you a customer or passenger on an airliner? Can you be both? Should you be?

Actually, you are both. I don't find either term objectionable. What I object to is being called a "consumer".

Aw this melted my wittle wittle Heart!

While it is nice to see that someone is encouraging passengers to move to the center of the car, how does a motorman know that those in cars 2-8 have?

Much happiness infects users of transit when all do so kindly and with haste heed the fair ministrations of his majesty's motormen.

What is up with these people who not only don't sit, but block seats so other people can't sit? They make me want to scream.

[They make me want to scream.]

Hmm ... this might actually get some results. Try it and let us know how it works out.

Or in honor of the Bard's traditional birthday observance, consult one of the many Shakespearean insult generators for guidance and inspiration:

"Lead apes in hell, thou paunchy tickle-brained seat-blocking coxcomb!"

(I perceive betimes our colleague Martha hath
The temper of the times so ably caught,
That she most sweetly doth the language use,
As our Lord Mayor hath proclaim'd this day.)


Why do you have an issue with people who don't sit? The way you worded your comment, that is what you are saying.

chris: I totally agree with Cheryl!
There are some people that insist on standing & block the doors.
It's much worse on buses as these people always stand at the front & make it difficult for others to board or get off.

Also annoying are those that get up on a bus two stops before their own stop & block the aisle for those just getting on.

What I understood from Cheryl's comment was that her gripe was not with people who just stand, but with people who stand in front of an empty seat so you can't get to it ... right?

Forsooth, the fair maiden Cheryl craved only display of displeasure for knaves who wouldst, with their corpulence, block the seat. All tis such sound and fury.

[I promise I'll stop now. I'm only doing it because the Bard of Bridgeport told me to.]

Nay, stand not upon this thy rash promise, but cease not; 'tis five long months, mind, 'til we cast off once more the drear murrain'd speech of our own ill-dizen'd day and put on the parlance of pirates. Gather ye pastiched Elizabethan verbiage while you may.

"Why do you have an issue with people who don't sit?"

My issue with some people standing is they stand in such as way as to block over people from sitting in empty seats. This is something new I've been noticing.

'other' not 'over'

If someone is blocking a seat and you want to sit down, just ask thm to move. People are too scared of other humans these days...

Probably because of all the prevalent violence

Also, if you're standing, you're making it more difficult for everyone to move around: to seats, to doors, whatever. If there's a seat, sit.

Or you could tell the person standing to get out of your way because they are standing in front of your seat??? That would work too. Its not like theres a conspiracy or anything at work to prevent you from sitting in an open seat.

Except that people have all sorts of stuff - iPods, phones, hubris and vaingloriousness - stuck in their ears these days, especially on trains.

I'm pretty sure I've ridden the red line while this guy was driving (driving?). During the three-track work he came on the intercom to apologize for the slowness. When we got out of the slow zone he asked if we were "ready to go for a ride?" and then exclaimed "Let's do this!"

and this morning he reminded us, "Don't forget your homework".

"If someone is blocking a seat and you want to sit down, just ask thm to move. People are too scared of other humans these days..."

I fear no one. Well, except for the crazy people. And I do ask--I even do it politely. It just seems like a no-brainer--if you're not going to sit down, don't stand directly in front of an open seat so that if someone else wants to use it, they have to get you to move.

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