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Bizarre clothing options in the "tweener" weather season

The last few weeks constitute what I call the "tweener" season for weather. It's hard to figure out what to wear to work when it's cool in the morning and it's supposed to get warmer.

Guy in funny cap But many of us folks go too far and it's just a little strange.

There's the guy in short sleeves when it's barely 50 degrees. And you wonder, what was he thinking? And of course it's mostly guys, but I've seen a few women with warm dreams.

Yes, there are dreams of summer, but why not WAIT till summer to live the dream? Or at least get past April and early May.

Then there are the strange ones whom I refer to above. Such as the guy pictured here. While this is certainly a crappy photo from my cell phone, it does show the dichotomies wrought by the season. The epitome of the "tweener" season. This guy is wearing a thin vest and tie with the alpine hat.

I suppose it could be a fashion statement.


The first day it hit 50, I saw a guy on the bus in a long sleeve knit shirt, with shorts and sandals.

I always marvel at weekend visitors walking out of Union Station and realizing that "cooler by the lake" thing is no joke. They've dressed for west/southwest suburban weather and are shocked to hit a wall of cold, damp air.

"A little strange" on the CTA? Surely not. I don't think it has much to do with the weather -- it's our own special CTA fashion statement, year-round.

I'm not sure it's worth anything to comment on people's attire during these transitional seasons. Everyone has their own thresholds in the same way that they have their own tastes in music, food, entertainment., etc. For my part, I get warm very easily. 75 deg. F and above is generally too uncomfortable for me. So I generally ditch the jacket - and sometimes go in short sleeves myself - once the mercury climbs above 50 F.

In 50 degree weather, I might be in short sleeves myself. It really depends on whether the weather is sunny or cloudy/windy/rainy.

The other day I saw a girl wearing short shorts and a short winter coat.

that being said, I think the guy in the photo is just wearing hipster-chic. He'll be wearing the samething in the July.

This is like beach weather for me. My legs don't get cold but arms do so I wear shorts, sandals and a long sleeve shirt at night.

That's a dude?

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