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Celling that makes you cringe; hockey Overheard

I just cringe when I hear crying fights on the phone. Last week it was a young woman in her late teens who seemed to have her head on straight -- except perhaps for her choice of boyfriends. She made quite the scene as she yelled/cried on the phone to her boyfriend at 7:30 am on the Red Line headed toward the Loop:

"Why do you always do this to me? Don't you know how critical today is? It's homework day and it's test day. If I don't go to school I'll get a big fat zero.

"You think I'm out screwing around? I'm going to school dude! It's $15,000! I work all day. I have to be at school at 5:30. What don't you understand about that." 

More sobs. More tears.

What would Dan Savage say? DTMFA!

Timely Overheard for hockey fans. "Do you know what hockey is?" asked the guy talking to his girlfriend at the Red Line Monroe stop. (It was during the clinching playoff game for the Hawks on Monday night.)

"Yeah! Awesome!"

"No. Boring!"

Another stereotype, shattered. 

Go Hawks!


Go Hawks, indeed! God Bless the Ducks for tiring the Red Wings out a little more. Surely you're rooting for the Penguins, aren't you, Mr. Tattler?

This hockey season has been awesome. Wish I had been able to go Monday night. I went to Game 1 against the Flames and it was insane, and it seemed exponentially more insane Monday. I can't even imagine it.

Boring? I can see confusing, brutal, arbitrary ... but not boring. Not in this town. Not these days, anyway.

I didn't realize anyone actually *liked* hockey in this town. Bill Wirtz pretty much killed his team's popularity.

Anyway I heard a couple of 20-something women yesterday on the train talking about maybe taking in a game at the Cell this year. They aren't exactly sure where it is, but they heard it's a really cool stadium (!) and it has to be cheaper than going to Wrigley.

And Rocky Wirtz figuratively danced on his father's grave and rejuvenated the team and their fans. Rocky for Mayor in '11!

Regarding that argument/conversation, who said what?

Oh, as as for the hockey conversation, the only thing that seems "boring" in that girl's choice of boyfriend. I'd love to go to a game with her. Go Hawks!

Oooooh baby I've been getting some scowls and mutterings under peoples breath on the L when I wear my wings jersey

As well you should, Nate B. ;)

Maybe I saw you last Thursday night. I was on the 11 at about Lincoln and Belden. Two guys were crossing the street wearing Wings jerseys (one was Yzerman) and a fellow passenger implored the bus operator to run them over. The bus operator replied that he didn't know anything about hockey, which left me wondering if he did would he have run the Wings fans over? Even though I got slapped in the washroom at Joe Louis Arena in 1996 because I had the temerity to wear my Hawks jersey, I admit it's difficult to hate the only thing that's bringing Detroit joy right now.

A lot of Michigan people in the city. Thing is this is Chicago not Detroit. You moved for a reason. Go Hawks!

What's the reason (if any) behind not having an El stop at the United Center? The Pink line goes right past it. I just learned the line was added a few years ago, so why not build a platform and make a stop?

Julie, that would make sense! Which is listed in CTA policy under "things not to do"

There are flat screen arrival time displays at the Roosevelt platform wooo hoo!

I think we always used the Green Line stop on Lake street to get to the old Chicago Stadium (other than riding the Madison bus).

way back in the day there was a rail streetcar that ran down madison st.

I just started putting the Savage Lovecast on my iPod. People stare when I bust out laughing on the El. Where else can you hear someone excoriate the governor of Nevada as a MF d-bag?

Those of you wearing Wings jerseys, be thankful you're just getting dirty looks and not being checked into the "boards" by someone wearing a Blackhawks jersey. ;-)


There used to be a station there until the 1950s, when that portion of what is now the Blue Line was shut down. Since CTA didn't think they would ever use that section for anything other than routing, they took the station apart.

According to the latest version of the Circle Line Plan, the station is supposed to be rebuilt from scratch as part of the second phase of construction. Of course, since Circle Line planning seems to have been put on hiatus, nobody is quite sure just when that would be.

People were going crazy for the Hawks on Monday at the bar I was at. Oh, people should definitely follow the "No loud electronic devices" rule. Some lady was playing loud annoying reggaeton music this morning on the blue.

Nate B. I wish I had a Wings jersey to wear around the city. I come from the metro-Detroit region and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Wings.

I hate when people air their dirty laundry on public transportation. Overheard a similar conversation this week, but the ahole had his phone on speaker even after he received dirty looks from everyone in the train car.....

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