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The Tattler is cruisin' to ChicagoNow with the Trib

It's Moving Day at CTA Tattler. We're moving to ChicagoNow, a network of blogs hosted by the Chicago Tribune. From now on, you'll find fresh news and notes from CTA Tattler here.

Check back here around noon or so for more details. We're still moving furniture at the new site so we're not quite live yet. Thanks for your patience.


The new site is password protected with an http authentication. Probably want to notify your webmasters. It looks like it's the entire chicagonow site, not just your new location.

The site won't let me register either. Tried three time (now, "out").

The Trib says that site won't be up and running until June.

Also a "Not Found" message.

You would probably be better off staying where you are.

So, what does this mean for us exactly? Why switch?

Maybe the Trib is picking up the internet tab for Kevin. These things do cost money, you know.

Does this mean we don't have to click on the ads anymore?

Will we suddenly become as dumb as all the other Chicago Tribune commenters? I hope not...

I hope this gets you more readers, it's well deserved.

What it means is that anyone that attacks Hilkevich's terrible columns will be banned from commenting!

t-dub, joe, jack -

In Kevin's second paragraph he clearly says to check back later (around noon) - the site isn't up and running yet.

The new blog can be found here:




Just wanted to let everyone know here that is is possible to setup an account and post at the new site. I got my first comment in just now. See you over there!

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