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Update: The Tattler is cruisin' to ChicagoNow with the Trib

It's Moving Day at CTA Tattler. We're moving to ChicagoNow, a network of blogs hosted by the Chicago Tribune. From now on, you'll find fresh news and notes from CTA Tattler here. Read today's post: Transit riders three times more fit than drivers.

In June we will celebrate our fifth anniversary of writing about all thing seen and heard on the CTA. It's been a great ride, and now we have the opportunity to expand our reach at a fabulous new location. And you can devour lots of terrific new and established blogs. Plus, I finally get a chance to make a couple of bucks for my tireless toil for you, dear readers. (You didn't really think I made much from those Google ads, did you?)

So it's a win-win for everyone! You want sports blogs? ChicagoNow's got 'em. Black Jack (McDowell) on the White Sox; A League of Her Own on the Cubs; and Da Bears Blog. Then there's Arresting Tales from a veteran cop, and the Parking Ticket Geek. Like sex? How about Sex and the Windy City or What's a Boy to Do? And plenty more.

Most important -- nothing will change at CTA Tattler besides our address. I will continue to write what I want with no interference from the Tribune. You will have to register once on the new site in order to comment.

So, get on over there, register, and join the moving party at my new house. You don't even have to lift any furniture. Just continue to enjoy the virtual pizza and beer. And everything CTA. Cheers!

-- Kevin O'Neil


Just wanted to let everyone know here that is is possible to setup an account and post at the new site. I got my first comment in just now. See you over there!

The new blog can be found here:




I'm in too.

maybe moving to the Trib site you'll expand your coverage to include the Orange Line.

Can you setup ctatattler.com as a redirect to the tribune site?

Reuben, I'm considering the redirect, but there's a lot of other content here. So I've burned a feed for the new site.

I bet the "Scary Shit" category will bite the dust.

I don't like the new site at all.

I like your layout here much better with the news feed and the flckr pictures. I love seeing the pictures people post and tag in.


To Mustang and others: We are working to get the photo feeds and news feeds at the new site. Please be patient, and thanks for your comments.


Thanks Kevin!

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