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Weekend woes: Blue Line shut from Grand to Western

Once again, the Blue Line will be closed from Grand to Western starting at 10 pm Friday through 4 am Monday for slow zone repair work. Bus shuttles will serve stations in that stretch.

Certainly this is an inconvenience, but the CTA says the end is near. CTA Tattler quoted a CTA spokesperson on Monday that "the slow zones that were put into place due to the work will start being lifted in June as the replacement of ties progresses. In a nutshell, that means we are at about the peak of what the slow zones will be for this phase and it will start to ease up next month."

Spring arrives! With parades, farmers markets, bike races and walkathons causing bus reroutes, it makes me think that just maybe spring really has arrived. Check the CTA's Weekend Service Change report to see if your bus route is affected.


If they finish before Lollapalooza, I'll be happy. I can't imagine every one jumping on shuttle buses after that fest.

Usually for big events, construction work is postponed. Yeah, it requires planning ahead (which the CTA isn't very good at), but they did postpone construction during the Taste two years ago.

Channel 11 had a segment last night on how the Stimulus Plan is helping the Blue Line subway. The way it looked, they were jackhammering the old ties, and a small front end loader was clearing the base of the tunnel.

However, the crane operator, owner of the construction company, and everyone else seemed happy, so the stimulus was working to that extent.

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