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CTA Tattler now can be found at ChicagoNow.com

As I noted recently, I'm blogging now at the Trib's ChicagoNow site. Below is a feed from there. Click and find me at my new home


We have loved CTA Tattler for months, and continue to enjoy reading it at Chicago Now - but could you update your RSS feed so that it includes the entire article, rather than just the first paragraph? It's a lazy man's chore to have to finish reading your article by loading up the Chicago Now page every day when I used to enjoy Tattler in its full glory right in my blog reader. Thanks so much!

I just love you CTA Tattler. My question, how did you become the authority on public transit?

Re: Obstruction of Traffic by CTA Buses

I drive to work and a small portion of my route includes Congress Pkwy from Wells to Michigan Avenue. Also daily, a CTA bus (usually an accordion bus) will turn from Congress onto Clark Street after the light has changed for the left turn. It is obvious that there is not enough space for the bus to clear the intersection of Congress/Clark. As a result, 3 of the 4 lanes of Congress are blocked by the bus and may miss 2 or 3 lights before traffic begins to move on Clark Street. THIS HAPPENS EVERY DAY AND I BELIEVE THEY SHOULD BE TICKETED FOR IT.

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